GAO BPN – BLE Positioning Navigation

GAO BPN-BLE Positioning Navigation System

GAO BPN (BLE Positioning & Navigation) System provides position and navigation solutions based on the Bluetooth Low Energy and cellphone technologies. The position of a user/asset identified by the cellphone device is determined by the beacon positions in the location map. The device position in the location is determined by the scanned BLE messages and measured signal strength, aka received signal strength indicator (RSSI).

GAO BLE system can be used to provide indoor location positioning, navigation guidance to users on smartphone devices and user position tracking for events and trade shows. The
system visualizes indoor floor plans and points of Interests with customizable images for floor plans, points of interests and direction pointers. System administrators can manage and configure the system, view user activity report on the cloud with web browser interface.

You can open this informative PDF document below to learn more about this system.