RFID Personnel Tracking System

Track Employees, Contractors, Visitors & More

Know when they work, where they are and improve safety and productivity.

What Makes Up a Personnel Tracking System

personnel-tracking-systemThe GAO Personnel Tracking System is a fully integrated personnel tracking solution that can monitor personnel in real-time. The system is powered by three key components:

  1. GAO Personnel Tracking Software
  2. GAO RFID Wearable Tags
  3. GAO RFID Readers

These three components work together to locate personnel and can be customized to address the needs of any business environment. In three simple steps, the GAO Personnel Tracking System empowers you to know exactly where your personnel are to ensure workplace safety, security, and accountability. Here’s how:

Wearable GAO RFID Tags are given to all of your personnel.

GAO RFID Readers are installed at strategic points in your business environment such as entrances, exits, and area-wide zones so that they can “read” the signals being broadcasted by the GAO RFID Tags worn by your personnel.

Each GAO RFID Tag assigned to your personnel transmits data. This information is then imported into the GAO Personnel Locating Software. Through an intuitive interface, you can track and locate personnel from a PC, remotely on your web browser, or even on a mobile device.



Get Alerts When People Enter Prohibited Zones


Improve Safety

Date & Time StampsTrack Workplace Time & Attendance 


Increase Efficiency by Monitoring Actual Time on Job Site

RFID People Tracking System Details

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What is Personnel Locating—a Detailed Description

If your business environment is a large building, a yard, a mine or other sizable area, you want to be sure that your workforce can be tracked and located, especially when worker safety, security, and accountability are at the top of the list.

Personnel Locating is the solution for your organization.

How does Personnel Locating promote safety?
Personnel who operate in challenging and extreme work environments are provided tags that enable the logging of their movements from one zone to another. This allows you to track and pinpoint their exact location and provide immediate response and protection, particularly in emergency situations where safety is a concern.

How does Personnel Locating provide security?
Access to certain zones in your work environment can be controlled and assigned to visitors, staff, and contractors based on security level. This protects your business, personnel, and intellectual property from unexpected security issues.

How does Personnel Locating encourage accountability?
Personnel time and attendance can be automatically logged and exported into detailed reports. This reduces costly payroll errors while increasing employee transparency and productivity.

Here are some common questions Personnel Locating can answer for businesses:

  • We need a way to give access to zones to only some of our personnel
  • We need a solution that helps us identify and locate patients on our hospital floor
  • We are looking for technology that can help with muster drills
  • We’re looking for an evacuation monitoring solution
  • We need to track our personnel in real-time
  • Is there a way to automate the logging of employee start and end times for payroll?

Personnel Locating using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the answer to these problems that you and thousands of businesses face each year.

Does your business need Personnel Locating?

Wondering if your organization can benefit from Personnel Locating? The following questions can help you to decide:

Does your business environment regularly receive visitors and contractors on-site?

Knowing where all personnel are (especially third parties) can enhance the safety and efficiency of your work environment.

Is recording employee attendance and start/end times a challenge for payroll administration?

Personnel Locating provides the added benefit of tracking employee time and attendance. The information can then be easily imported into most popular payroll administration software.

Is it a challenge for muster captains to conduct manual evacuation drills?

When personnel are mustered at specific gathering points, locating technology can monitor and record each worker’s presence, significantly reducing roll calls to a matter of minutes.

Does your health care environment require the ability of knowing where your doctors or patients are within the building?

Personnel Locating can help improve patient care by optimizing resources and ensuring real-time visibility of patient locations.

Does your onshore and offshore environment require a method to track arrival and departure of personnel?

Using RFID, Personnel Locating can provide safety and accountability to personnel on board by tracking personnel location, worker certification, and providing access to only allowable zones.

Is your business operating in remote or extreme environments where safety is an everyday concern?

Personnel Locating provides the ability to track locations of people and report exactly who is on-site at any point in time.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then GAO Personnel Locating can help you improve safety and accountability in your organization.


How RFID Applies to a Personnel Tracking System

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Event Management using RFID

By integrating RFID technology into PR events, trade shows, and corporate conferences, event managers are able to provide event planning and production strategies that deliver measurable results. Attendees are provided wearable RFID tags such as lanyards, badges, and wristbands that contain pre-registered guest information. This allows them to access the event easily, while event organizers are able to automatically authenticate guests and capture attendance data as they arrive.

When attendees move through different zones of the event, the RFID tags broadcast their location and interaction patterns. Simple RFID Event Management applications can enable streamlined registration processes and VIP access management. Advanced configurations, on the other hand, can provide specific interaction information, and integrate with social media platforms to broadcast real-time participant engagement. The result is the ability to capture large amounts of valuable information that can be used for data mining to optimize an organization’s sales and marketing processes.

GAO Short Range Event Management System

The GAO Short Range Event Management System is one of the Passive RFID versions available for use when planning your event. Using the 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz frequencies, the system utilizes both high and low radio frequencies.

Being a Short Range system, it is perfect for “tap and go” solutions that require the reading of tag information within a distance of 2-6 cm. This is a popular way for your guests to complete any actions during the event. Whether it is identifying them to gain entrance at the door or encouraging them to visit every feature of your event with scan-venger hunts for prizes, the actions can be completed without requiring manned operators to collect the information. As a result, data is sent immediately to the Event Management database for access to real-time information.

The Bottom Line:
The GAO Short Range Event Management System provides:

  • An economical and easily scalable solution
  • Access control to different areas of your event
  • Attendee behaviour information from “tap and go” interactions


GAO Mid-Range Event Management System

The GAO Mid-Range Event Management System is one of two Passive RFID versions to choose from when strategizing your event. This system uses the 900 MHz Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) band that can be read within distances of up to 5 metres which allows you to retrieve attendee information without requiring any active participation. RFID Readers positioned at booths and rooms send signals to the RFID Tags worn by your guests. Information is then reflected back to the Reader, providing the Event Management System with detailed traffic pattern and length of stay information.

The Bottom Line:
The GAO Mid-Range Event Management System offers:

  • Mid-range reading that does not need line of sight
  • Attendee interaction information without requiring active participation
  • Detailed visitor analytics
GAO Long Range Event Management System

The GAO Long Range Event Management System is the Active RFID version of our event management solution. Using the 433 MHz and 2.45 Ghz bands, the system is capable of reading distances of up to 100 metres. The RFID lanyard badges or wristbands worn by event attendees have their own transmitter and power source. This means they continuously transmit information to the RFID Receivers installed throughout your venue, enabling real-time views on session attendance and floor traffic. Traffic flow, population segmentation, and real-time counts; all of these and more are readily at your fingertips when you have our Long Range Event Management System installed at your event.

The Bottom Line
The GAO Long Range Event Management System helps you:

  • Attain real-time monitoring of event and security staff for efficiency and accountability
  • Enhance guest experience with social media check-in points that engage guests to ‘Like’ event displays, upload photos, or earn rewards
  • Get unprecedented knowledge about your audience
Cloud or SaaS-based Event Management System

GAO Event Management via the Cloud or SaaS

The GAO Event Management System is available as a cloud-computing solution or SaaS. Using our solutions, you won’t need to make costly investments in servers and other infrastructure. Instead, our services-based systems allow you to pay for applications only when you need them.

Benefits of the Cloud or SaaS-based GAO Event Management System:

  • Lower initial investment by avoiding costly infrastructure expenses
  • Faster roll out for a quicker ROI
  • Single, short duration deployments perfect for events
  • Ongoing software updates
  • Highly scalable
  • Access anywhere through a web browser
  • Always-on and secure with the option of hosting on our servers or your own private network

Personnel & People Tracking System: Applications

The GAO Personnel Tracking System has been successfully applied to the industries world-wide:


Oil & Gas Industry

GAO Personnel Locating Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry provides information for personnel safety and performance in the most demanding of environments—from emergency roll calls to remote work areas.

Discover GAO Event Management System solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry


Manufacturing Industry

GAO Personnel Locating Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry improves shop floor safety and collects data for workflow optimization.

Discover GAO Event Management System solutions for the Manufacturing Industry


Construction Industry

GAO Personnel Locating Solutions for the Construction Industry enables the monitoring of personnel movement and productivity to ensure safe job sites and work zones.

Discover GAO Event Management System solutions for the Construction Industry

System Integrators

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