High Frequency 13.56 MHz RFID Tags

Our HF (High Frequency) 13.56 MHz RFID tags have a read range of up to 1 to 12 inches, uses NFC protocol, and has a larger memory for storing data.


The high frequency 13.56 MHz RFID tags are available in various models such as metal tags, wrist band tags, thin RFID cards, mount on metal tags, round paper tags, clear thin tags, passive RFID tags , disc tags, label tags, water proof tags ,livestock ear tags, and laundry tags.

These tags support various protocols such as ISO 15693 for item tracking, ISO/IEC 14443A, and ISO/IEC 14443 for MiFARE, JIS X 6319-4 FeliCa for electronic payment cards. The read range of this card is up to 12 inches (30 cms). They are NFC compatible and some tags have Bluetooth as a communication interface. The operating temperature of these tags is -40o F to 185o F (-40 °C to 85 °C) and they are waterproof and dust proof which makes it rigid and durable. They are also shock and vibration dependent on the packaging and have the feature of multi-detection and IP 68 protection.


The HF 13.56 MHz tags are commonly used for ticketing, payment, library books, ID cards, gaming chips, asset tracking, inventory control, logistics and production lines, factory automation, automotive, and security purposes.

Find Your 13.56 High Frequency RFID Tag

Looking for a HF tag? Feel free to browse our large collection of 13.56 MHz tags to find the tag you need. Are Experts are ready to help!


If you have questions about our RFID Readers, or which RFID Tags work best with them please feel free to contact our experts who would be happy to help! Our experts are versed in BLE, RFID and IoT devices and systems.

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