RFID Readers by Feature


At GAO, our collection of RFID readers or interrogators is designed to deliver the features and functionality that customers need to effortlessly track the assets in their specific businesses. From desktop RFID readers to integrated fixed readers, embedded RFID readers,  handheld RFID readers and RFID portals, we are always able to provide the right RFID reader to track RFID tags in your environment.

Our RFID reader selection includes long range, medium range, and short range readers, ideally for a wide range of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Increasingly becoming popular in the electronic payment industry is our near field communications (NFC) readers and RFID readers enabled with Bluetooth. We also offer RFID portals that are able to track passing objects such as people and vehicles. Most importantly, many of our RFID readers are also barcode compatible, allowing customers to improve efficiency by using RFID while still being able to scan barcodes for some assets that are still using these 1D and 2D systems.

If you have any questions about any of the features and functionalities of our RFID readers and reader writers, one of our Experts will be more than happy to answer them. Contact us today!