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ID: 116610

ID: 116273

ID: 116272

ID: 116271

UHF 860-960MHz RFID Label Tag

ID: 116266

ID: 116267

ID: 116270

ID: 116262

ID: 116264

ID: 116265

ID: 646020

ID: 116332

ID: 116331

ID: 116330

ID: 116329

ID: 116327

ID: 116326

ID: 246031

This Bluetooth 4.0 and USB featured 860MHz ~ 960MHz UHF Gen 2 Plug and Play reader/writer is a portable RFID scanner that combines PnP Bluetooth keyboard emulation and contactless RFID technologies into one device.

ID: 116502

This tag is specially designed to survive high temperatures of up to 200 °C and is resistant to acids and alcohol to be used on metals, wood and plastic.

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