GAO RFID Kits are specially pre-configured systems developed for popular RFID applications. Our RFID Kits make it easy for clients looking to use RFID for the first time to order and test the deployment of the solution in their environment.


GAO RFID provides a collection of RFID Kits and Systems with different protocols that are designed to offer integrated solutions to meet the various needs of every industry. We offer a number of kits and core systems that pair RFID readers with tags, software, and antennas to meet the need of a business or industry and which can be adapted to meet the user's specific needs. RFID kits and systems provide a number of benefits including saving time and money, increasing productivity, securing and tracking important assets and much more. These kits and systems cover a broad range of frequencies that include Active, UHF, Gen2 / EPC, HF, LF and Semi-Passive frequencies to provide tracking ability to different applications across every industry. GAO RFID works to provide the best combination of readers and tags to enhance performance and offer the best solutions to our user's needs. Some of the frequencies available are 125 kHz LF, 13.56 MHz HF, 13.56 MHz/125 kHz Dual Frequency, 134 KHz LF, 134.3 KHz LF, 2.45 GHz Active, 433 MHz Active, and 860-960 MHz UHF.


Our RFID Kits and Systems are produced under high-quality standards and are compliant with several industry standards such as ISO, GS1 EPC Global Gen 1 and Gen 2, NFC. Most of the readers and tags available in the kits are weather resistant and are successfully proven for many applications.

Form Factors and Materials

We offer RFID kits and systems in different form factors and materials. Our readers and tags are built with durable and resistant materials available at a diversity of shapes, sizes, and colors to fit the particular needs of every user. The readers are available with a variety of types including Bluetooth, USB, embedded, desktop, barcode, integrated and much more. Additionally, GAO’s RFID Kits and Systems include collections of tags that can withstand high temperature, are waterproof, rugged, work with metal environments or hazardous environments, operate effectively around liquids, used specifically for medical applications and much more.


The RFID Kits and Systems offer integrated solutions for the needs of our customers. The devices paired for these integrations have a wide spectrum of applications that include many different types of business and industries. Some of the applications for the RFID kits and systems include personnel identification, authentication, access control, transit, parking, event attendance management, ticketing, card payment, product identification, security patrolling, remote equipment inspection, and maintenance. Other applications for the systems are jewelry inventory, document management, medicine tracking, breeding, dairy operations, animal management, animal tagging, logistics, patrol/mining/finance and railway systems. and railway systems.

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See our large collection of RFID Kits below. If you do not see a system that suits your needs, our team of Experts will be glad to help!

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