Low Frequency 125 kHz RFID Tags

LF 125 kHz RFID tags have a read range of up to 10cm, have a smaller amount memory, and are not sensitive to radio wave interference—making them well suited for environments with metal and water.


GAO RFID delivers a compilation of low frequency 125 kHz RFID tag options with key protocols that are designed for a wide variety of uses that include animal tracking, access control, and key fobs. Some of the key features for this product include close proximity and contactless read range of up to 3.93” (10 cm). Additionally, the tags are not sensitive to radio wave interference, which makes them suitable for tracking in liquid and metal environments. Most of these RFID products are both waterproof and shock resistant.  The tags have several chip type options that include TK4100, T5557, MF1S50, S70, Ti2048, Ti256, ICODE1, ICODE 2 and INSIDE 2 K. Moreover, some of the tags are EM4100 or other compatible RFID tags or IC EM4450 compliant. The material of each device can vary from one type of tag to another but the main materials used for the products are PVC, ABS, plastic or other resin material.  The common usage for these devices range from Logistics, Anti-counterfeiting, Access Control, Industrial transponder, Ticketing, high security hands free, Industrial or Manufacturing automation, Prepayment Devices within others.


The low frequency 125 kHz tags assist users in tracking livestock and provide an efficient access control particularly in the medical industry.  These tags can be use for different applications that include access control, which helps to protect assets, confidential information and limits access to specific areas. Another application for this device is personnel’s tracking that enables locating personnel quickly.  These products can also provide support in the logistics of different business for tracking and management of key elements of their performance.

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