RFID in a box is an all-in-one, plug and play, GAO RFID system that is made to be used immediately off the shelf. These standalone GAO RFID systems can be used virtually anywhere with all the necessary components of an RFID system, such as software, antenna, and digital I/O adapters, being included in the box. Thus, making our products cost effective RFID systems that can be deployed and redeployed in short notice while being just as reliable as a permanent system. Due to their compact size, users can instantly install our systems at doorways and entryways to automate access to buildings and parking facilities quickly and cheaply.


Are you thinking of installing our Access Control or Parking Control RFID in a Box systems? One of our Experts will show you how easily this system can be set up in your environment. Contact us today!

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The GAO Hands-Free parking control system controls access to parking facilities and allows vehicles to drive through a gate without tapping a card or manually operating any remote control.
ID: 51901
The GAO RFID Standalone Access Control System is an extremely cost effective way of controlling access to specific zones within your building in an off-the-shelf solution.
ID: 617018A
The GAO RFID Standalone Parking Control System is a reliable, convenient and user friendly way to control parking lot access in an off-the-shelf solution.
ID: 617018P