125 kHz Low Frequency Encapsulated RFID Tag

Product ID: 111003
Type Contactless Read Only
Operating Frequency 125 ± 6 kHz. (LF-Low Frequency)
Capacity 64 bits
Data Coding Type Manchester, Biphase, PSK
Common Usage Logistics, Anticounterfeiting, Access Control, Industrial transponder
Standard Deployment Attached to object or placed on object
Tested Read Range 2-6 cm (1 – 3 in.)
Multi-Detection No
Max read quantity 1 tags/sec
Size Diameter : Φ30 mm × 3.5 mm
Material Plastic or otder resin material
Color Black
Weight 3.0 g
Compliance EM4100 or otder compatible RFID tags
Operating Specifications
Download Our PDF Product Document
Download Our PDF Product Document

Resistance to immersion in salt water, alcohol, oil, 10%HCL
Temperature : storage at Storge at – 55 °C to 100 °C, Operating at -40 °C to 85 °C