High-Temperature Tolerant RFID Tags

GAO RFID provides a selection of RFID tags tolerant with high temperatures that are designed to reliably perform in high temperature conditions. These high temperature tags are well suited for applications such as air cargo tracking, weapon tracking, toxic waste dump tracking, paint curing ovens, automotive manufacturing and industrial laundry.


GAO RFID presents a wide collection of high-temperature RFID tags with different protocols designed to provide asset tracking even in the harshest environments. We provide a selection of Ultra-High frequency tags, with key features such as high heat resistance / tolerance and compact form factors, which are durable and have rugged housing. These types of tags are available in several frequencies such as UHF 433 MHz, LF 125 KHz, LF 134.2 KHz, HF 13.56 MHz and UHF 860-960 MHz frequency range. Additionally, most of the high-temperature RFID tags are compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, European Conformity (CE) directive, FCC Declaration of conformity and the GEN 2 IMPINJI. Furthermore, some of the tags support protocols such as protocols ISO 18000-6C, EPC Class1 Gen 2. The high-temperature RFID tags also provide various options for memory capacity that includes 240 bits, 96 bits EPC, 512 bits R/W, TID 32 bit, and TID 64 bits. Tags of this kind have IP65, IP67 and IP68 protection standards by which they are protected from total dust ingress and can withstand immersion in water up to a specified pressure.

Form Factors and Materials

We offer high-temperature RFID tags in different form factors and materials. These tags are built with durable, resistant materials such as nylon, Glass fiber – PCB FR4, polyester, cotton, and plastic. High-temperature RFID tags are available in convenient colors such as white, red, and black to fit into the décor of any environment. Moreover, some of the tags have robust, balanced performance on, off, or near metals and liquids.


The high-temperature RFID tags are perfect for applications such as air cargo tracking, weapon tracking, toxic waste dump tracking, paint curing ovens, automotive manufacturing and industrial laundry. These tags can be used to measure temperature in an indoor or outdoor environment. Other applications for this kind of product include identification, cold chain, localization of high-value assets, temperature monitoring, vehicle industry, shelf-edge retail and warehouse location, within others.

Find Your High Temperature RFID Tags

Please see our full selection of high temperature tags below. Our team of experts are ready to help you choose the right tag for your application.

If you have questions about our RFID Readers, or which RFID Tags work best with them please feel free to contact our experts who would be happy to help! Our experts are versed in BLE, RFID and IoT devices and systems.

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