Hazardous Environment (ATEX) RFID Tags

GAO RFID provides an entire range of Atmospheres Explosives ATEX compliant RFID tags for your industrial environment.


GAO RFID offers a selection of Hazardous Environment Atmospheres Explosives (ATEX) compliant RFID tags. These devices have different protocols that enable the product to be suitable for harsh industrial environments and can withstand shock and vibration as well as exposure to adverse weather and temperature changes. In compliance with the 2003 European mandate, these tags have been tested under harsh environments and have being certified to be a safe equipment to be used in combination with explosives or explosive gases. The hazardous environment ATEX (atmospheres explosives) tags have diverse protocols that offer ultra-high frequency (UHF); compact form factors, optimized read ranges and safety for potentially explosive environments. These tags are available in different operating frequencies such as 860-930 MHz, 868 MHz or 920 - 928 MHz and 433.92 MHz. Additionally these devices are certified and support various protocols like RoHS, CE  (EN 300 220-1, -3; EN 301 489-1, -3; EN 60950), ATEX Zone 0 and ICEPEX standards, US & Canada (C1D1/D2). Built with premium materials such as ABS, the tags provide exceptional trustworthiness for both indoors and outdoors functionality. These RFID tags have a long read range that varies depending on the product and can reach up to 492’ (150m).  Some additional features, depending on the tag include omni directional antenna that allows being read from all directions, ultra low power consumption to optimize durability and anti-tamper alert option and motion sensor option that provides notifications if the asset is being moved or if there is an attempt to remove the tag. It is not only resistant to extreme temperatures, acids, and alkalis but it also has excellent reading performance, reliability, and durability in a wide range of conditions.


Hazardous environment atmospheres explosives (ATEX) RFID tags are suitable for harsh industrial environments. Due to their temperature-resistant properties, most of the tags are mainly used in the oil and gas industry, mining, on-metal use, indoor use, outdoor use, personnel management, chemical plants, and oil rigs. Other uses include industrial product management and asset management such as laptop tracking, shelf edge retail and warehouse location, automotive parts, components tracking, construction and tool tracking.

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433 MHz Active RFID ATEX Wireless Motion Sensor is a Zone 0 compatible RFID device with an integrated motion sensor.
ID: 124083
High Temperature RFID Tag is a passive UHF tag with extreme read ranges of up to 9 meters on metals.
ID: 116285
This RFID tag is specially designed to perform in applications where the inlay of the tag hangs away from the metallic asset and offers a great number of features.
ID: 116270
This is a small-sized global RFID tag with high performance satisfying the diverse needs of logistics industries.
ID: 116261
This UHF 433 MHz active RFID asset hazard tag is certified to ATEX Zone 0 and ICEPEX standards and can be configured to hold standard 26-bit Wiegand numbering.
ID: 124017-HZ
This 433 MHz active RFID personnel hazard tag is ATEX Zone 0, ICEPEX and intrinsically safe certified and is generally used for security & safety applications.
ID: 124012-HZ
This UHF 860-928 MHz RFID bolt tag is suitable for tracking all kinds of outdoor equipment and resists high temperatures/pressure.
ID: 116513
This durable, long-range tag is designed for metal mount which means it is  optimized for attachment to metallic objects.
ID: 116049
This UHF RFID tag is specially designed to work under harsh environments and can withstand shock and vibration and prolonged exposure to extreme weather and temperature.
ID: 116041
The Gen2 UHF contour RFID tag is compliant with ROHS and ATEX standards and best suited for industrial asset management, chemical drums, and beverage kegs.
ID: 116240
This UHF RFID tag is specially designed for tagging objects under harsh environment and is the perfect solution for tagging outdoor metal equipment.
ID: 116514
This ultrathin RFID label can be supplied in roll form as either finished labels or as an inlay for conversion and also provides on metal tag functionality and much more.
ID: 116269
This High-Temperature RFID tag is a small form factor optimized for metal substrates and offers a great number of features.
ID: 116268
This metal-mount tag offers a small-profile and is able to store production data throughout global manufacturing operations.
ID: 116267
This metal RFID tag is ideal to use in a situation where space is limited but requires high performance and is perfect choice for tracking small metal assets and or embedding within a metal. cavity
ID: 116264
This on metal RFID tag offers a long range passive UHF RFID tag that is rugged  for long term outdoor and industrial environments.
ID: 116262
UHF On-Metal tag with extreme read ranges of up to 6 meters on metal and 1.7 meters off metal.
ID: 116281
RFID On-Metal Tags that are specifically developed to perform optimally when attached to metal objects.
ID: 116286
This RFID tag withstands high pressure and vibrations and offers quick snap attachment.
ID: 116276
This RFID Tag offers superior chemical corrosion resistance and other great features.
ID: 116275
This UHF steel framework RFID tag features high/ow temperature resistance and is well suited for harsh environmental applications.
ID: 116517
This ultra-rugged UHF RFID tag for metal is an excellent solution for a wide range of applications like tracking of surgical tools and trays to process management in automotive manufacturing and identification of metallic assets in oil and gas, construction and mining sectors.
ID: 116280
The Temperature Resistant RFID Tag operates in the UHF frequency band. It is specially designed to withstand very difficult environments and it has an IP69X protection level.
ID: 116284
This small circular UHF hard tag is specially designed for permanent attachment to the shoulder of industrial gas cylinder assets.
ID: 116516