13.56 MHz RFID Laminate Pass

Product ID: 113527


These RFID Laminate Passes can hold information about the pass holder and is rewritable. Available 13.56 MHz, these passes can be used multiple times and from a distance but cannot be forged or duplicated. Each of these passes can assign a unique identification to an attendee or visitor. A combination of these features allows these passes to authenticate the visitors to an event, regulate entrance and streamline registration and crowd management at the event venue.

 Key Features

  • 13.56 MHz operating frequencies
  • Sequential numbering
  • Security foiling and a signature strip
  • Waterproof
  • Full colour printing option available for both sides


  • Event Management
  • Employee ID/Access Card

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range 13.56 MHz
Thickness 800 micron
Material Plastic