UHF On-Metal tag with extreme read ranges of up to 6 meters on metal and 1.7 meters off metal. Designed for heavy industry and outdoor applications, this tag features a high impact, water proof and durable encasement. Alien H3 chip available and widely used for industrial product management etc. High Temperature RFID Tag is an excellent choice for tracking large assets in open storage environments, without the concern for a battery.

  • Read range up to 6m on metal and 1.7m off metal.
  • Used for tracking large amount of assets in storage environment
  • High temperature resistant RFID tag that operates in the UHF frequency band
  • Applied on metal surface
  • Withstand high temperature up to 300°С, 260°С for long time
Material PEEK
Thickness 10.0mm
Storage Temperature -40°С to +260°С, +300°С100 hours
RFID Protocol EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO 18000-6C
Applicable Surface Metal Surface
Frequency (US) 902 – 928 MHz, (EU) 865 – 868 MHz
Functionality Read/write, Data Retention, IP Rating, Write Cycles, Frequency, Reading Range (Fix Reader), Reading Range (Handheld Reader),
Size 40.0*15.0mm, Hole: D2.5mmx2
Memory EPC 128bits, User 0bits, TID 96bits
Dimensions 2.5mm×40.0mm×15.0mm×34.05mm
Reading range 6 meters on metal and 1.7 meters off metal.
Mounting Method Screw
Operation Temperature -40°С to +150°С


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