Applying RFID to Colleges

  • Monitoring lecture halls, gyms, offices of undergraduate, graduate students and staffMaintaining lecture hall time logs
  • Tracking and managing attendees transcripts and other personal documentation
  • Managing cleaning logs for multiple buildings and residences on campus
  • Checking staff and student identification when necessary
  • Tracking missing or lost electronic or laboratory equipment
  • Our RFID solutions may be able help to automate administrative tasks and help keep persons and property well-maintained and secure.

    RFID Technology in Colleges

    At GAO RFID, we believe that colleges hold the most potential for the leaders of tomorrow. We are committed to the goals of the institution which include providing the best possible environment for learning and growth. From team meets and practices to individual lectures, your staff and students are subjected to a variety of challenges every day. We are eager to work with you to develop ways in which RFID can help you efficiently manage your school. Management and Tracking of Equipment In order for colleges to operate with efficiency, all equipment on school grounds must be maintained. The introduction of iPads, iMacs, desktops and laptops as an integral part of the student’s learning tools, the maintenance of computer equipment has become a vital part of college life. All equipment need to be efficiently tracked and monitored to prevent costly losses. In this scenario, we may be able to apply our  RFID Asset Tracking System, the tracking and maintenance of monitoring the equipment can be automated, thereby keeping college owned equipment both safe and secure depending on your school’s needs.   Optimization of Time on College Campus To allow for the best possible learning environment, teachers and staff need to optimize the time they spend on campus. The best way to accomplish all that they need is to allow for automated data management as well as monitoring staff work flow. Knowing when staff arrive, enter, and leave lectures allows administration to decide how to optimize personnel time on campus. We can explore applying our RFID Personnel Tracking System, so you can assign RFID Badges to professors and administrative staff enables the progression of students and efficiency of staff to be monitored as they go through their daily activities. Controlling and Restricting Access Numerous lecture halls, buildings, gyms, parking area, doors, cafeteria and fields brings a slew of unique challenges to keeping staff and students as safe and secure as you want. The management of the persons who enter the campus is necessary to ensure reduced risk of potential harm. RFID Badges enable a fully automated way of granting and restricting access to specific zones on college property as well as specialized equipment. This may be accomplished if we customize our RFID Access Control System. This ensures a controlled access to certain parts of campus and the safe operation of campus equipment that only trained and licensed operators should use. Tracking and Managing Students, Teachers, Visitors and Unknown Personnel Identifying and locating both students and staff at your organization is a necessary part of maintaining their safety and security. Our RFID experience in people tracking may be further enhanced to enable administrative staff to track students and unidentifiable persons and monitor them every step of the way.

    Integrating RFID Solutions with your Education Management System

    The challenge arises when it’s time to put that collected information to work: integrating RFID-generated data into educational applications so that essential information can be viewed, analyzed, applied and presented to end users. Competency assessment software, payroll systems, and decision support management tools are used to help make other educational and instructional processes more efficient. It is essential that an RFID solution is compatible with such systems. Please contact us for more information on how we can work together and kickstart a solution that can help your institution.  ]]>

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