From cubicle to conference room: track and locate personnel to ensure safety and productivity.

Long Range Tracking

Track and locate personnel based on office zones of 65 - 400' radius.

Anti-Collision Reading

Accurately identify up to 100 employees simultaneously in one zone without error.

Find Location

Zone-based Visibility

Pinpoint personnel location by zone; know if they're in their cubicle, meeting room, or on lunch.

Real-time View

View a specific zone in real-time to see personnel activity in one particular area.

Locate personnel and track movement activity for a safer, more productive office.

The GAO RFID People Tracking System for Offices is designed for businesses that operate in an office setting. By being able to track and monitor the location of employees, business owners are able to keep their office safe, while promoting employee transparency and motivation at the same time. Whether it is a single unit office, multi-level building or entire work campus, the people tracking system is tuned to work with precision for any office layout.

GAO's People Tracking System for Offices enables you to locate personnel by zone, identify their last seen location or view a location's activity in real time.  With the power to track your employees down to their location, the safety of your business environment will be elevated and productivity can be managed better. Unobtrusive employee badges integrated with Active RFID technology coupled with slimline, nearly "invisible' RFID readers work together to help provide personnel locating capabilities.

All employee location and movement history information is tracked and logged in our software, and can be reviewed remotely using any web browser. The system is powered by three key components:

  1. GAO People Tracking Software
  2. GAO RFID Employee Tags (lanyard badge or ID badge)
  3. GAO RFID Readers & Antennas

Together, these RFID components work to provide an advanced solution for tracking and monitoring personnel in the office.

Recommended Hardware Configurations


With our large selection of RFID hardware, there are many configurations to choose from when assembling a People Tracking System for your office. Below are some examples of the RFID hardware configurations we recommend:


 Frequency RFID Tags RFID Readers Accessories Software
- GAO People Tracking  Control Software

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