From hospital staff and patients to teachers and school children: track their location for improved safety and operations.

Long Range Tracking

Track and locate people based on zones of 65 - 400' radius enabling better emergency response.

Monitor Movement

Monitor movement of staff, patients and children and use the data to optimize workflows.

Find Location

Zone-based Visibility

Know if nurses are on the floor, if teachers are in the classroom or if all children are accounted for.

Real-time View

View a specific zone in real-time to see activity in one particular area.

For safety, productivity and improvement: tracking people is the answer.

The GAO RFID People Tracking System for Education & Healthcare Institutions is specifically created for hospitals and schools. Schools worry about student safety and are also dependent on funding, so having a way to ensure student location and confirming attendance is becoming a requirement. For hospitals, whether it is patient safety or hospital staff productivity, being able to track, monitor and locate people within the hospital is becoming a growing need.


With GAO's People Tracking System for Education & Healthcare Institutions, tracking people becomes simple and unobtrusive. Reading zones are setup across the facility with our slimline RFID readers. Using wristbands (for patients and students) and ID lanyard badges (for hospital staff and teachers), the system is able to track and monitor movement as people move in and out of these zones.

All location and movement history information is logged in our software, and can be reviewed remotely using any web browser. The system is powered by three key components:

  1. GAO People Tracking Software
  2. GAO RFID People Tracking Tags (wristband, lanyard badge, ID badge)
  3. GAO RFID Readers & Antennas

Together, these RFID components work to provide an advanced solution for tracking and monitoring people in schools and hospitals.

Monitor People from An Easy-to-Use Web Application

Web-based user interface dashboard

Browser-based access on desktops, notebooks, and tablets

Configurable and customizable

Web-based user interface dashboard

Recommended Hardware Configurations


Our large selection of RFID hardware provides you with many configurations for creating a People Tracking System. Below are some examples of the RFID hardware configurations we recommend for schools and hospitals:


 Frequency RFID Tags RFID Readers Accessories Software
- GAO People Tracking Software

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System Integrators

We are here for you.  We can help customize a People Tracking System around your institutional client's needs including custom reports and software solutions combined with all the right hardware.

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