LF 125 kHz Passive RFID Readers

Low frequency (LF) 125 kHz RFID readers interrogate RFID tags at a close proximity, with a read range of up to 10cm (some special readers may read tags from an extended distance of up to 1m). Due to the LF 125 kHz frequency’s lower sensitivity to radio wave interference, these readers are often used in configurations where metal and water are present.

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We offer a complete range of LF 125 kHz readers to suit any business application. GAO is a trusted, leading supplier of BLE, RFID and IoT devices to North America for over 3 decades.

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GAORFID SKU#223034 All-in-One Handheld Enterprise Digital Assistant, Computer or Smart Data Terminal with 860-960MHz UHF RFID Reader, 1D/2D Barcode Scanner, 13.56MHz RFID (HF), 125KHz RFID (LF) or 134.2Khz RFID (LF) with 4G/LTE
ID: 223034
This low-frequency configurable RFID reader is specially designed to support various types of low-frequency cards. It offers a simple yet powerful solution for customers to reduce inventory overheads.
ID: 221015
GAORFID SKU# 221016 Plug&Play Micro USB or Type C USB  interface portable device is able to read 125KHz Low Frequency RFID tags (EM4xxx standard).
ID: 221016
This high and low frequency RFID reader applies dual frequency technology (125KHz Low frequency + 13.56MHz High frequency) allowing it to read a wide variety of RFID tags.
ID: 223008
This long range 125 kHz LF reader is suitable for access control solutions and features a built-in antenna that provides a read range of up to 3.3 ft (1 m).
ID: 211023
The 125 kHz active RFID Badge and Tag Activator is a highly reliable and precise tag and badge activating device with an extended transmission range.
ID: 211027
This password-protected 125 kHz LF programmable time recorder reader can synchronize its internal clock with an Internet time server using its open source and customizable software.
ID: 211014
Able to read and respond to a card in less than 0.1 seconds, this 125 kHz LF reader is water, shock, and temperature resistant for deployment in nearly any environment.
ID: 211020
This stylish, compact, and waterproof 125 kHz low frequency reader can output in 5 different formats while using one of its 6 available LED indicator colors.
ID: 211013
This LF reader has a compact size and multiple interfaces including a magnetic stripe, Wiegand, and RS-232 serial ASC II, allowing it to be used for upgrading existing installations.
ID: 211006
This compact 125 kHz reader features many interface formats and an auto-tuning function to automatically adjust for optimal tag reading.
ID: 211016
With versatile mounting options, this plug and play desktop reader supports the 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz frequencies over 45 different card types for proximity or contactless applications.
ID: 211025
This rugged, powerful, multiple configuration capable (LF/HF/UHF) advanced Android tablet is IP67 rated, has an LCD screen capable of being read under sunlight, and has a long battery life.
ID: 246025