Desktop RFID Readers

A great variety of desktop RFID readers are offered that will suit any need of any industry. Desktop readers are designed to be placed on top of workbench, work desk, tables, and other stationary surfaces. Our desktop readers allow our readers to connect directly to a PC via USB or HID interface allowing fast and easy reading/writing of tags in a desktop environment.


Many of our readers come easy to use with multi-protocol compatibility. Our readers are also able to have the ability to be able to read multiple tags accurately and simultaneously in the read zone at any given time. Some of our desktop readers come waterproof, dustproof, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. GAO also supplies innovative models of readers that allow most of our readers to be used on metal. Our products can aid in a variety of ways with retail, document management, inventory, tracking, and more showing our desktop readers are suitable for anything that you need at a low cost.


Do you need help or have a question?  Why not ask our experts who are here to help you choose the best desktop reader for your needs.

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