Low Frequency 134 kHz RFID Tags

LF 134 kHz RFID tags have a read range of 4 inches to 40 inches, have a sufficient writing capabilities, and are not sensitive to radio wave interference—making them well suited for environments with metal and water.


GAO RFID offers a variety of  low frequency 134 kHz RFID tags with protocols that enable short to mid range reading and the ability to perform in liquid and metal environments which make it appropriate, but not limited to, tracking livestock. Most of these low frequency tags are compliant with ISO 11784, ISO 11785, EM4102, EPC, ISO 11784/5 FDX-B standard, ISO 15693-3 and ISO 1443A. Some of the devices have the ICAR certification and are designed to be waterproof and work under a wide range of temperatures. These protocols are designed to provide ideal tracking devices for farmers that come mostly in the form of ear tags or glass encapsulated tags that are embedded into the skin for animal tagging. The products are specially designed for animal management that includes a variety of farm animals, birds, and pets. Moreover, most of the devices feature a compact size, lightweight, and high anti-collision capability that enable a medium to long-term lifespan. Finally, some of the tracking devices have dual-frequency that works in both 125 kHz and in 134 kHz frequencies.


The low frequency 134 kHz RFID tags enable farmers and pet owners to manage and track not only different types of farm animals such as cows, sheep’s, goats and similar kind of animals but also house pets and birds. The device can be either tagged into the ear of the animal or inject under an animal´s skin. Nonetheless these devices are also applicable to other range of uses that include cylinder tracking, access control, personnel identification, parking, ticketing, and asset management systems for devices such as computers.

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