GAO’s digital I/O adapters are essential components in the realm of industrial automation, data acquisition, and system integration. These devices facilitate the interface between computer systems and real-world signals—both digital signals, which are either high or low (on or off), and analog signals, which need to be converted to digital form for computer processing. Digital I/O adapters vary widely in functionality and complexity, ranging from simple relay controls to sophisticated networked systems that integrate with enterprise-level operations.



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This GPIO Adapter is used in conjunction with the RFID Reader Antenna Hub and RFID Reader/Writer to provide a low cost, large, contiguous RFID read zone.
ID: 491029
ID: 491024
ID: 491023
This MicroLogix™ 1400 Programmable Logic Controller combines features such as EtherNet/IP, online editing, and a built-in LCD.
ID: 491038
This RFID Antenna Hub provides a low cost alternative for the creation of a large, contiguous RFID read zone by enabling from 5 to 32 antennas.
ID: 491028
This Wiegand-to-Ethernet Smart Controller is a compact access controller that is able to connect to any kind of Wiegand reader, such as a magnetic stripe or fingerprint reader.
ID: 491018