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The Government and Military include Federal agencies such as Border and Immigration Security, Military Supply Chain and State or Local Agencies such as Fire Fighting services, Correctional Facilities and Identification and Licensing services.

Each agency is tasked with providing high-quality services while continuously striving to become more cost-effective and business-focused. GAO RFID’s suite of RFID solutions provide better visibility and create automation for many of the industries’ workflow processes.

Using RFID to solve challenges in Government & Military operations

Every agency belonging to the Government and Military faces a critical need to have accurate inventory reporting, visibility capability, and accurate identification of its assets and personnel. With operations that span across multiple locations nationwide (and globally for the military),   these agencies face immense challenges to stay efficient and accurate.

RFID technology helps to eliminate the barriers created by these challenges. Here are some examples:

Challenge 1: Managing Equipment

There are a lot of valuable equipment in both Government and Military agencies. These assets need to be tracked, located, and maintained to ensure loss prevention and efficient usage. From the need to track voter equipment immediately following an election to the ability to automatically count the number of mortars fired from tank guns, every agency faces specific challenges when looking to effectively manage their equipment.

RFID technology can be applied to equipment, allowing for an automated way of locating these assets, tracking their usage, and determining maintenance schedules.

Challenge 2: Managing Inventory

A large array of inventory items are constantly used by agencies. Files and documents, identification cards and licenses, and any inventory as they move through the supply chain need to be managed efficiently. The ability to locate these items quickly, having real-time visibility of stock levels, or automating the verification process are the daily challenges that agencies face.

Affixing RFID tags to inventory items allows for automated registration of these assets and provides real-time access to inventory levels and locations.

Challenge 3: Managing Personnel

To ensure security and attain peak performance of personnel assets in all agencies, it is crucial to have the ability to track the location of employees, know the locations of soldiers, and identify the wounded in field hospitals.

By assigning RFID badges to every personnel and visitor, their identities can be verified and locations will be pinpointed to provide to maximum visibility.

Challenge 4: Controlling Access

For Government and Military agencies, security is the top priority. Securing zones and areas in a federal building or military base is crucial to protecting agency assets. In addition to protecting property from outsiders, it is also important to have the ability to grant access to various zones to agency personnel who have different access levels.

RFID badges given to personnel and visitors allow you to control access to sensitive zones within your facility. All access activity is logged into a database to provide your security team with a comprehensive list of reports.


Find your RFID solution

GAO RFID Inc.’s full suite of RFID solutions will help to improve efficiencies and provide innovative ways for the government to deliver services to the public and boost workflow processes in military operations. Our RFID Solutions are purpose-built for the following sectors:

Defence Police Services Fire Fighting Services
Correctional Facilities Identification & Licensing Services Parks & Recreation Services
Environmental Protection Services Firearms Registration Border & Immigration Services

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