GPS RFID Readers

GAO RFID provides a selection of Global Positing System (GPS) enabled RFID readers for solutions that require full visibility when tracking high-value assets across a large environment. These extreme long range readers are used to interrogate hybrid tags such as active RFID tags that also have GPS functionality.  They are well suited for a number of industries including Supply Chain Asset Tracking and Government and Military applications.


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Android 9.0 rugged tablet with abundant functions and a large list of great features.
ID: 246033
This handheld Enterprise Digital Assistant, Computer or Data Terminal with UHF RFID Reader, 1D/2D Barcode Scanner, Iris Recognition, 4G/LTE, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, Pistol, ARM Cortex Quad Core Processor, Android 9.0, and 13 MP Auto-focus Camera is an Android rugged mobile computer
ID: 246027
GAORFID 246029 is a high-end UHF Gen 2 RFID and Android Based UHF Gen 2 RFID Handheld Data Terminal. It offers the best performance and excellent multi-tag identification ability in the industry.
ID: 246029
This rugged, powerful, multiple configuration capable (LF/HF/UHF) advanced Android tablet is IP67 rated, has an LCD screen capable of being read under sunlight, and has a long battery life.
ID: 246025