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The Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries industries include a range of sectors such as wheat, corn, and grain farming, cattle ranching, fruit and vegetable farming, aquaculture, timber tract operations, and saltwater fishing.

As major industries responsible for important goods such as food crops, livestock, paper, and pulp, all sectors share the goals of continuously seeking to improve by adopting new technologies that increase the efficiency of their operations. GAO RFID’s comprehensive suite of RFID solutions delivers ways to attain these goals.

Specific RFID Solutions Available


Whether your organization is in agriculture, forestry, or fisheries, you will share similar challenges of requiring accurate inventory management and automation for process improvement.

Using RFID technology, the barriers created by these challenges can be addressed. Here are some examples:

Challenge 1: Managing Equipment

The industries rely on expensive, high-tech equipment in their day-to-day operations. There is an ever growing need to monitor and track assets so that they will be maintained on a timely basis and monitored to prevent theft.

Assigning RFID tags to your equipment helps to track its location and provide a way to automate maintenance monitoring.

Applications in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries generally get involved with wide areas. Hence, GAO Tools & Equipment systems with our long-range RFID readers (range 100+M)Long range RFID Tags2.5GHZ or 433 MHZ Antenna, and GAO asset tracking software are great solutions for tracking and monitoring equipment in the fields.

Challenge 2: Managing Inventory

The inventory of items as they progress through each stage of production needs to be tracked and monitored in different ways in order to achieve quality. Every type of inventory has different needs: some require monitoring for temperature and humidity, others are focused on growth time or moisture content, and livestock need to be tagged for identification. This all leads to the ability to provide traceability and quality tracking for all of the products.

Tagging inventory items with RFID tags provide you with information that helps to monitor and manage inventory–livestock, mussels, grapes, and seeds can all be tracked to improve production processes, resulting in higher quality products.

For example, GAO RFID sensor tags along with our mid-range RFID readers help in monitoring and managing inventory sensitive to environmental parameters such as temperatures and humility. GAO Animal RFID tags are designed to tag livestock for identifying and monitoring them.

Challenge 3: Managing Time

Improving efficiency is critical to creating a competitive and profitable operation. Any applications that can help improve production processes are constantly sought after. Whether it is data collection in greenhouses and cropland or monitoring production time of employees as goods move from stage to stage, the key is to identify weak links in the processes and innovate ways to improve them.

Assigning RFID tags can be applied to items in your production process to monitor efficiencies. This data can then be reviewed via reports and allow you to assess the results and find ways to improve speed and accuracy.

For example, GAO RFID Work In Progress (WIP) Asset tracking system with our RFID sensor tagsMedium Range Reader, UHF Antenna and GAO Asset tracking software can be used for monitoring efficiencies in the production process. Our WIP asset tracking system helps you to review full production history, conduct real-time inquiries and generate reports.

Challenge 4: Controlling Access

Providing access to zones in the farming or production environments is necessary to ensure the safety and security of the workplace. There are also many large, specialized equipment that should only be operated by certified personnel.

RFID badges and keyfobs let you grant automated access to zones and specialized equipment, ensuring a safe work environment for everyone.

For example, GAO RFID Access control system with our RFID badges/key fobsRFID Portals/readerHF or LF antenna and access control software is a great solution for automating access to zones and specialized equipment. GAO RFID access control system ensures a safe and secure work environment for everyone.

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GAO RFID Inc. has the solution that will improve the performance of many key business processes in Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries. Our RFID Solutions are purpose-built for the following sectors:

Agriculture Forestry Fisheries
Wheat, Corn & Grain Farming Timber Tract Operations Fishing & Salt Water Fishing
Fruit & Vegetable Farming Forest Nurseries Hunting & Trapping
Greenhouse, Nursery & Floriculture Production Logging
Beef Cattle Ranching
Dairy Cattle & Milk Production
Hog & Pig Farming
Sheep & Goat Farming
Poultry & Egg Production
Horse & Other Equine Production

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