GAO RFID offers a selection of short range RFID readers including touch, proximity and 10cm-100cm RFID readers.  Using LF 125 or 134 kHz and HF 13.56 MHz, these short range RFID readers are able to quickly and accurately read RFID tags from short ranges.


GAO RFID offers a large selection of short range RFID readers which are available in different frequencies at 433 MHz, 860-960 MHz, and 902-928 MHz These readers are FCC and ETSI certified and support protocols such as ISO 18000-6C/EPC C1G2.

This reader has various communication interfaces like RS 232, USB, RS 485, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.  Some of the short range RFID readers have the option to expand the modules to GPRS, GSM, and Barcode reader. These kind of readers operates in a temperature range of -40 to 80o C (-40 to 176o F).

The readers of this kind are protected by IP32, IP41, IP50, IP 54 standards, which   make them withstand harsh environments and also  dust and rust.



These RFID readers can quickly and accurately read RFID tags  from the short ranges and are most commonly used in access control, NFC environments such as payment systems, or challenging environments where water or metal are predominant.

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