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RFID Solutions for Industrial Painting Auto-id has long been used to track and identify parts for car and truck assembly. The vehicle assembly industry realized early on the value of bar codes and recently RFID to ensure the right parts are in stock, ordered just in time and at station when required for the assembly process. Many auto parts are painted and technology was slow to come to these components of the process.

The paint processes for parts manufacturing has always be a challenge when attempting to adopt new technology. Paint and chemicals were always the enemy when using identification markings such as bar codes. Chemicals would remove bar codes and paint would cover them. And then there was the temperature, 215 °C or 419 °F. Along came RFID. RFID was a natural for paint applications. Specially constructed tags can withstand the high temperatures of the ovens and can also withstand the impact of preparatory chemicals. RFID, unlike bar codes do not require line of sight or visual readability. An RFID tag continues to work even when covered with multiple coats of paint. It is no wonder that RFID has moved into the paint shops around the world. GAO RFID has a wide selection of technologies, readers and tags, specifically designed for the rugged environments of a paint shop. Some applications require pin-point locating and feedback information – that’s when LF or HF technology shines. For those applications requiring read ranges varying from 1 meter to 5 meters and more – that’s when UHF swings into action. GAO RFID has the readers and tags that are built for your environment and application requirements; desktop readers for programming, fixed readers for day to day operation and handheld readers for flexible and mobile data collection. Out LocateWare middleware gets you up and running with minimal disruption to your existing processes.

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If you have a paint process that’s ready for RFID then contact a GAO RFID representative. We will advise you on which technology is the best for your process and requirements. Please contact us at, send us an inquiry, or call us at 1-877-585-9555 or 416-292-0038, ext 601.

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