RFID Accessories

  At GAO RFID, our goal is to provide you with an entire lineup of RFID accessories to ensure that your RFID system is performing to its maximum capability. Whether you  require RFID antennas to configure a better read range, are looking for RFID reader modules to embed into your existing technology to enable RFID functionality, or are in need of I/O adapters, relay controllers, and RFID printers, our continuously growing selection of RFID accessories are selected to help you complete your RFID system. All of the RFID accessories are designed to work seamlessly with our range of RFID tags and readers and they are supported by our many years of experience and know-how. Whether you are looking for RFID accessories to complete your asset tracking, personnel tracking, or access control system, our inventory of RFID accessories will have the right features to meet your requirements.

Find the RFID Accessories You Need

Please browse our sections of RFID accessories below. If you need any help determining which antenna will work with your reader, what module can be embedded into your environment, or which RFID printer is the most suitable for your application, our team of Experts are available to help!  

RFID Antennasgao-rfid-antennas

  • HF 13.56 MHz for proximity reading range, used for access control, production tracing, livestock tracking, and personnel locating.
  • LF 134.2 KHz for rugged and harsh environments such as agriculture, food, and livestock industries
  • Active 2.45 GHz and 433 MHz for long range reading and real-time locating, popular for high value assets.
  • UHF 960-960 MHz for long or short range with high read/write speeds and used commonly for vehicle tracking, road monitoring, and highway toll processing.

RFID Reader Modulesgao-rfid-reader-modules

  • HF 13.56 MHz for reading and writing to 13.56 MHz RFID tags with optional NFC compatibility, popularly embedded into devices used for access control and contactless payment.
  • LF 125 KHz for reading and writing to 125 KHz tags and used for embedded systems in personnel tracking, access control, and production control systems.
  • UHF 860-960 MHz for reading and writing to UHF tags in long range situations and are often embedded into mobile readers, doorways, printers, and cabinets.

RFID Peripherals gao-rfid-peripherals

  • RFID Printers are industrial grade that encode RFID tags allowing you to quickly deploy RFID technology in your environment.
  • Relay Controllers gives you the power to switch between high voltages making them compatible with both AC and DC loads.
  • Digital I/O Adapters are used with RFID readers to create large RFID read zones cost-effectively.

RFID In-a-Box ga-rfid-in-a-box

  • RFID In-a-Box solutions provide an off-the-shelf, plug and play RFID system.
  • Access Control In-a-Box enables the quick setup of personnel access to zones within your business environment.
  • Parking Control In-a-Box provides you with a plug and play system that controls the parking barrier/gate and access to your parking facility.