RFID Reader Modules

GAO RFID offers a large range of RFID reader modules that help organizations enhance existing products in their environment with RFID technology. Designed to be embedded into third-party products, our RFID reader modules are a cost-effective way to embed RFID as a feature into a variety of products.

RFID Reader Modules: Available in various frequencies

Our RFID reader modules are available in 125 KHz low frequency (for contactless proximity reading), 13.56 MHz high frequency (popular for NFC applications), and UHF 860-960 MHz frequencies (for high performance and long distance reading). We are confident that we have the reader module you are looking for to complete your RFID configuration and read RFID tags.

Find RFID Modules based on Frequency

Different frequencies help you achieve difference efficiencies. Which frequency are you looking for?
  • for reading 125 KHz tags and cards
  • for contactless proximity reading
  • Quick decoding times (less than 100ms)
  • Easily applied to embedded systems for office/home security, personnel identification, access control, anti-forgery and production control systems.
  • For reading and writing 56 MHz tags and cards
  • Optional NFC compatible solution
  • Popular for embedding into devices used for product authentication, access control, and contactless payment
  • For reading and writing UHF 860-960 MHz tags and cards
  • Long distance, reliable reading
  • Ideal for embedding into mobile readers, doorway readers, printers, encoders, and smart cabinets

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