2021 Global IoT, RFID and 5G Data Networks Summit

2021 Global IoT & RFID Software & Systems Summit

Summit Forums


Understanding of the US “5G Clean Path” and “Clean Networks”

Implications of “5G Clean Path” and “Clean Networks”

Architecture of IoT & RFID in 5G Networks

Software Defined Solutions for IoT and 5G

Energy Efficiency and Energy Harvesting in IoT and 5G

Cooperative and Smart Sensing Techniques

Channel Characteristics and Modeling with Dense and Sparsely Populated Sensors

Terminal Intelligence and Light Weight Sensors

Data Collection, Processing, Aggregation, and Communication

Efficient Resource Allocation Schemes, QoS, and QoE in IoT

Co-Existence & Device Interoperability of Sensors with 5G networks

Integrated D2D Communication Techniques for 5G Networks

Self-Organization and Self-Healing of IoT Networks

Data processing and anomaly detection for IoT networks

Cross-Layer Design and Optimization in IoT

Relay, Multi-Hop, and Cooperative Communication in IoT

Ubiquitous Communication, Routing Protocols, & Network Selection in IoT

Machine-Type Communications in 5G Systems

Sensor Deployment, Placement, Control & Management Issues

Experimental Results, Prototypes & Testbeds Using Sensors for 5G technologies

Emerging IoT & RFID Applications in 5G Networks

Security Issues and Solutions for IoT in 5G Networks

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