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Download the RFID Access Control Software System PDF Download the RFID Access Control Software System PDF[/caption] GAO RFID Access Control System is an integrated access control hardware and software package that is suitable for different types of RFID access control applications. With RFID hardware and an everyday PC, the system is able to handle personnel and vehicle access control for an entire building.


  • Access Control System Software24 hour Unmanned Operation Once the system is set up and configured, no additional user input is required. Access will be automatically granted to those who present a valid registered RFID tag at an access point.
  • Remote Cloud-based Management Through its Web browser interface, the system can be managed remotely anywhere an internet connection is available. Tags and assets can be added, edited, and removed by the responsible staff at the head office without them having to travel to the site.
  • Applies to Both Personnel and Vehicle Access Control Access to the front door, laundry room, parking lot and any other type of access points can be controlled simultaneously in the same system. The system allows for access control at multiple sites with multiple access points.
  • RFID Devices for Access ControlCompatible with Various RFID Hardware Passive LF, HF and UHF and semi-passive and active technologies can all be flexibly used together in the same system. A typical application is to use HF short range card tags for personnel access and UHF long range windshield tags for vehicle access.
  • Group Management Tag holders can be divided into different groups. The user can specify access points each group can access, as well as different time restrictions for access.
  • Customizable Reporting Activities are stored in the database and reports can be generated by specifying different criteria such as dates, group names, access points and tag holder names.
  • Multiple Deployment Options Available GAO’s Access Control Software System is available in the following forms:
    • Off-the-shelf software to run on a local server or PC using a networked connection or as an embedded application
    • Off-the-shelf cloud services (SaaS)
    • Customized software to meet your exact needs to run on a local server or PC using a networked connection or as an embedded application
    • Customized cloud services (SaaS) hosted on our cloud server or your private cloud server
  • Powered by GAO Auto-ID Engine with such functions as middleware, drivers, Web interface, reporting engine and ERP module
Requirements Microsoft Windows XP or later Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 (included in software package) Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 (included in software package) or later Microsoft Internet Information Service 6.0 or later Request a Demo]]>

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