RFID Systems for Animal Food Manufacturing

  • Specific descriptors, such as ‘Dog Food’ or ‘Cat Food’, clearly labelled on all pet food packaging
  • Clear and comprehensive list of ingredients on all packaging in descending order by percentage of weight
  • Whether these companies are creating tasty treats for puppies or nutritious grains for farm cattle, the end goal is the same: To keep our animal companions happy, healthy and fulfilled.

    GAO RFID System Solutions: Animal Food Manufacturing

    GAO RFID has a host of solutions designed for animal food manufacturing. Our systems help companies streamline their operations, without compromising on quality control. Here are just some of the issues we can address:Monitoring inventory and determining future production rates
    • Organizing/analysing client data to ensure customers’ needs are being met
    • Restricting employee access to sensitive areas within the plant
    • Ensuring safety standards are being met on the warehouse floor
    Our company knows animal food operations are complex. They consist of several components, which include materials, assembly lines and personnel. All of these components must work together to create and deliver high quality goods. GAO RFID’s solutions for animal food manufacturing provide full visibility of what’s taking place on a day-to-day basis. Couple this with any of our other solutions, such as our RFID Work In Progress (WIP) System — and you have one powerful RFID platform. Ultimately, manufacturers have the ability to optimize all components of their operation, no matter how unique or challenging their needs may be.Inventory ManagementFrom raw food supplies to packaging materials, animal food manufacturers certainly harbour a lot of inventory. The GAO RFID Asset Tracking System allows companies to track assets and monitor just how much inventory is available — and whether more orders are required. This keeps production rates consistent by ensuring manufacturers never run out of crucial supplies.Equipment ManagementFrom assembly tracks to pallet racks, the production of animal food requires a lot of equipment and machinery. Our clients are able to automate and organize the data associated with their assets by using RFID Tags— making monitoring and maintenance easier than ever.Document ManagementAnimal food manufacturers must regularly manage vast amounts of data. Accurate monitoring of this data is crucial to producing high quality goods and maintaining superb customer service. All of GAO RFID’s Asset Tracking System come with powerful software that is as innovative as it is intuitive. Use our documentation system to easily track and categorize complex data. Our data management solutions can also be applied to a variety of other manufacturing paperwork, including quality control charts, payroll stubs and legal/compliance documentation. Meanwhile, our RFID Work In Progress (WIP) System is a valuable addition to document management. This system logs data as goods pass through each production stage, allowing manufacturers to pinpoint product glitches and work flow anomalies.Access ControlManufacturing plants are not only complex facilities — they can also be hazardous if safety protocols are not in place. This is when our RFID Access Control System is the superior choice. This component allows users to restrict access to sensitive zones. Work areas remain safe and managers can ensure foods have not been tampered with.Integrating our Systems with your Animal Manufacturing OperationsAll of GAO RFID’s Systems work effectively on their own. They can, however, be combined with a host of other GAO RFID solutions to create an even more powerful platform.Our team consists of certified professionals who are more than happy to assess your business needs. GAO RFID’s track record of innovation and safety is evidence our team is vital to the animal food sector.Contact us for more information on how our RFID Animal Food Manufacturing System can be configured for your organization. ]]>

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