FAQ for Both Customers & Channel Partners

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Part 1 FAQ for Both Customers & Channel Partners


Q: How do I briefly describe GAO RFID Inc. to my management or my client?

A: GAO RFID Inc., founded & managed by experts with Ph.D. from prestigious universities, headquartered in both New York City, U.S. & Toronto, Canada, and ranked as one of the top 10 global leaders in RFID, BLE & IoT.


Q: How do I formally present GAO RFID Inc. to my management or my client?

A: Please use the following document already sent to you in one of the emails:


If you have not received it, please ask us for a copy.


Q: What are popular products of GAO?

A: Our popular hardware products include:

BLE: https://gaorfid.com/devices/ble-active/

RFID Readers: https://gaorfid.com/rfid-readers/

RFID Tags: https://gaorfid.com/rfid-tags/

RFID Antennas: https://gaorfid.com/rfid-antennas/

Our popular systems include:

Access Control Systems: https://gaorfid.com/rfid-access-control-system/

Parking Systems https://gaorfid.com/rfid-parking-control-system/

People Tracking Systems: https://gaorfid.com/rfid-personal-tracking-system/

Asset Tracking Systems: https://gaorfid.com/gao-rfid-asset-tracking-system/


Q: What other brands are part of your portfolio?

A: We carry our own brand only.


Q: Where are your products manufactured?

A: We are offering a wide range of products that are manufactured in different countries: US, Canada, France, Italy, South Korea, China, and Taiwan.


Q: Where the products will be shipped from?

From our North American offices. Shipping costs to overseas customers or channel partners are affordable due to our high shipping volume.


Q: How long does it take to get the products after we place an order?

A: 1 to 2 weeks.


Q: What do you mean by GAO being ranked as one of the top 10 global leader in RFID?

More than 100 recent market research reports have stated so. Details can be found on the home page of gaorfid.com. Or you can ask us for such details.


Q: What support will I receive?

A: We are proud of the excellent support we have been providing to our customers and channel partners. We can provide support to you remotely through telephone, zoom, Skype, and email. We can send engineers to the site for larger projects.


Q: Tell me about your company, history and vision for the future?

A: Based on technologies developed earlier by its sister company, GAO RFID Inc. was founded in June 2006 in Canada, and GAO RFID Inc. USA was founded in 2018 in Delaware, subsequently registered in New York City. We are ranked as one of the top 10 RFID vendors in the world.



Part 2 FAQ for Channel Partners


Q: If do you mean by channel partners?

A: Resellers, value-added resellers, integrators, distributors, consulting companies/consultants.


Q: How do we determine a selling price for our customers?

A: When you know the specific requirements about your customer’s projects, you can ask us for our selling prices to you and you can mark up and sell to your customer.


Q: How much markup can we use?

A: It is entirely up to you since you know your customers and your market better than us. Our advice is that have a reasonably low markup so that our products are competitive in your markets, and win a larger market share, hence larger profits.


Q: Do we need to buy in bulk?

A: No. However, we will give you discounts if you buy in bulk.


Q: Can we have any exclusive rights to a territory?

A: Yes, but only when your company performs well for a certain territory.


Q: Do we get a price list of all products from GAO?

A: Yes, a price list will be provided to you for those products you have sold well to your customers.


Q: Are we going to sign an agreement between our companies?

A: Yes, preferably after we have worked together and have closed a couple of deals.


Q: What are the most important segments or applications I should target?

A: Our products have been applied in diversified industries. The best segments and applications for you to target at are those that your company is good at.


Q: What is your long-term channel strategy?

A: Channel is the key to our growth.


Q: Do you offer your resellers financing options?

A: Yes, but not at the beginning.


Q: What sales should I realistically expect in the next 12-24 months from your products?

A: We cannot answer this question in a meaningful way since it really depends on many factors.


Q: Do we have to use the brand GAO? Can we use our own brand?

A: You can have your choice.

Here are examples of advantages of using the GAO brand:

GAO is ranked as one of the 10 top brands in the RFID industry. It helps your business in many ways, for example, you can charge a higher premium, meaning a better profit margin; it increases your chance of winning a sale due to the market-acceptance of the brand GAO; It is easier for us to support your customers since the products are clearly identifiable; It is easier for us to provide protection, namely exclusivity, to your account since we know which customers are yours; many customers prefer to use our products, e.g. many bidding documents specially call for our products.

On the other hand, if you choose to use your own brand, we can also provide products with your brand or generic brand (no brand).


Q: How flexible are you in your reselling business model?

A: We are very flexible:

You can sell our products to your customers, you support your customers, and we support you, or

You can sell our products to your customers, and your company and our company support your customers jointly, or

You can introduce us to your customers, GAO can sell to them and support them.


Q: Do you have API for your software?

A: Yes. When you need to interface with our software, please provide technical requirements.


Q: Do you have a contract that I can review?

A: Yes, later.


Q: What training/support do you provide?

A: On an as-needed basis. As much as you require.


If you have more questions, please feel free to ask us.