RFID Systems for Casino & Gaming Organizations

  • Managing Casino and Gaming Equipment
  • Managing and Tracking Inventory including Casino Chips
  • Tracking Personnel
  • Controlling Access to Different Authorization-required Zones

    Using GAO RFID Systems in the Casino & Gaming Industry

    Casinos are consistently unpredictable business environments, and Casino managers and security strive to be prepared for anything that may arise. From requiring a safe and secure environment to ensuring adequate inventory levels to service patrons, many of the business processes in a Casino can be improved using our RFID Systems. Managing and maintaining equipment:  Every piece of equipment across the Casino floor needs to be working optimally to keep gaming fair and protect the Casino’s bottom line. Whether it is slot machines, poker tables, pit podiums and stands, drop slides, roulette wheels, or baccarat tables, it is important that they are maintained and service history is tracked to ensure proper operation. Using our RFID Asset Tracking System, RFID Tags will be affixed onto each equipment and the detailed information of that equipment is recorded on the tag. Every time service is done to the equipment, it is recorded onto the tag. Once a scheduled maintenance is due, the tag will also alert the system. This automates and helps track maintenance service to ensure the Casino equipment is performing at optimum levels. Tracking and Identifying Casino Tokens (Chips) Casino chips are the currency of any gambling service. As such, it is important to for Casino management to be able to identify and track every chip for authenticity or history. Using RFID Tags, every casino chip can be tagged and tracked. RFID Readers installed a Cashier Booths can automatically identify every token’s legitimacy, deterring any forgery and saving your organization’s bottom line. Keeping an Eye on your Personnel GAO RFID’s Personnel Tracking System pays attention to your staff as they move and work through the casino floor each day. With every employee given an RFID Badge, their information is recorded on the badge for easy identification. As they move from station to station, RFID Readers can track and log their location and duration spent. This provides an easy way to monitor employee movement and to see any irregularities that can point towards possible internal security breaches. In addition, the tracking data can be integrating with your existing payroll system to streamline your payroll process. Securing the Environment: Our RFID Access Control System helps your security team maintain a database of employee as they enter each zone throughout the casino. Every employee RFID Badge is programmable with access levels so that only authorized personnel can open certain doors in the facility. Each event is tracked and logged and linked to the individual employee so that you can view detailed reports of access history. In the event of any authorized access or irregular activity, the system can be configured to send email or text alerts to managers in real-time to ensure that timely response to these events can be executed.

    Integrating our RFID System with your Existing Management Software

    GAO RFID Systems for Casino and Gaming organizations can be deployed as a standalone solution or can be integrated with other software solutions, according to each customer’s needs. At the core of our solution is GAO RFID’s AUTO-ID Engine, which incorporates middleware and essential RFID functions that perform RFID data collection and information processing. Our AUTO-ID Engine seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of casino service systems so that you can access the data it collects directly via the system or systems you currently have in place. Our team of professionals will use our hardware and system integration expertise to integrate the GAO RFID Solution with your IT architecture. The result is an RFID solution that is seamlessly unified with your casino management system.  Contact us for more information on how our RFID System can be configured for your organization.
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