Catalog and Track Your Collection Inventory


The GAO RFID Collection Inventory Management System uses UHF RFID technology to organize and manage the inventory of unique assets by enabling managers to catalog information and track their location. Originally designed for museums and galleries to keep track of their collections, the system is now also being used by Auction Houses, Antique Collectors, and Specialty e-Commerce shops.

The GAO RFID Collection Inventory Management System allows curators and owners to track the specific information of every asset in their inventory such as the source, description, storage location and movement, and value. Once in the system, the entire collection list can be browsed easily, individual objects can be searched for, and their physical storage locations can be pinpointed using handheld proximity scanners.

Does your organization own a collection or deal with unique assets of value? Then you will benefit from the features of this system:

  • RFID tagging enables the management of collections object information
  • Lookup feature searches database to find object storage location
  • Proximity scanning to physically locate the object amongst the inventory
  • Detailed reporting that shows inventory history and item level details
  • Designed for tablets and handheld for full mobile use

Key System Advantages


RFID Tagging


Quick Item Lookup


Proximity Locating


Built for Tablets

How Does Collection Inventory Management Work?


The GAO RFID Collection Inventory Management System is powered by four main components:

  1. Tablet RFID Readers
  2. Customized/Branded RFID Inventory Identification Tags
  3. Handheld UHF Readers
  4. Web Application

By using the GAO RFID Collection Inventory Management System, managers and owners have the ability to search for the current status of an object remotely from any device that has an Internet-enabled browser. Built-in reporting tools provide insight into every inventory item including its source, material, cost, and movement history.


Museums and Art Galleries

Museums and Art Galleries use our system to manage their collections.

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Auction Houses & Antiques

Auction Houses use our system to catalog and track their offerings.


Specialty e-Retailers

Specialty e-commerce businesses use our system to track their inventory and manage selling history.

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Our system provides answers to the questions that create real ROI for your business. 

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