RFID Systems for Computer Systems Design Organizations

  • Access and Security Control of Private Client Files
  • Managing Equipment
  • Tracking Lost and Missing Equipment
  • GAO RFID solutions can help your organization to automate these administrative processes and keep your computer systems company both secure and safe from external and internal threat.

    GAO RFID System Solutions: Computer Systems Design

    User interface, data and process design occupy the main part of the physical portion of the system design that your company manages. In addition, since your company deals with the input and output logistics, has storage requirements, and system control and backup or recovery, GAO’s RFID solutions can aid your organization in securing your company’s profitability and development. Managing and Tracking Valuable Equipment The majority of your company’s work in computer systems design relies heavily on computers and the associated hardware and software; it is vital that equipment is both traceable and managed for updates and repairs. Your organization’s equipment can be tracked using RFID Tags. The tags can be used to check the equipment’s next maintenance check requirement as well as track them to ensure they do not go missing. GAO RFID’s systems, therefore, can aid in solidifying the security of your equipment by informing your organization of the equipment’s precise location at all times. Managing and Tracking Important Documents  While developing your computer systems and designs, you will undoubtedly create and maintain important and sensitive printed files that need to be tracked and protected. Using out Asset Tracking System, you will be able to tag and keep inventory of all files; whether they are filed in a cabinet, or sitting under a pile of documents, you can automatically trace and find the location of the most important documents to ensure efficiency and privacy of your clients’ work.  Access Control of Property and Security Services  GAO RFID strongly believes that the security of your organization begins with the safety of your staff and visitors. With multiple office rooms, computer equipment, client files and more, the management of employees and visitors to these areas are required to reduce risk of potential harm to anyone or anything. In order to help your organization work optimally, our RFID Badges can grant or restrict access to specific doors and areas in your organization using our RFID Access Control System. The employee RFID badges can be used to help make the office environment both safe and secure as well as track and monitor employee movement if necessary.

    Integrating GAO RFID’s Solutions With Your Organization’s Pre-existing Systems

    In addition to all the ways that GAO RFID can aid you to efficiently manage your organization’s specific daily tasks, we believe that the challenge arises when our system needs to be amalgamated with your pre-existing system. As RFID is used to collect in real time the identification of objects and all associated data, it is vital that our system can be seamlessly incorporated in pre-existing systems like competency assessment software, payroll systems and security systems.  In order to do that, GAO RFID uses an AUTO-ID Engine to incorporate middleware and essential RFID functions to allow for a smooth transition into your organization’s system of integrated applications.  If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us—we want to help you get all the information you need to see how GAO RFID Systems can be integrated with your existing software.