RFID Systems for Concert Halls

Using GAO RFID Systems in Concert Halls for the Performing Arts IndustryRFID technology is one of the best ways to ensure audience satisfaction. GAO RFID is a leader in solving the challenges that many entertainment venues face today. Below are some questions commonly asked by industry members.We have a difficult time managing mass audiences. How can GAO RFID assist in this challenge? Our RFID Event Management System is a comprehensive solution that allows users to monitor their patrons easily and effectively. Our RFID technology provides valuable data that event organizers can then use to extract useful information. Track how many attendees have arrived at your venue, and then monitor their whereabouts throughout the event. Here are just some of the things this particular System can do:Automate guest registration at the entrance gate

  • Eliminate the need for paper tickets by implementing our RFID wristband solution
  • Engage visitors electronically by allowing them to participate in contests and surveys leading up to the performance
How can we keep concert-goers from accessing sensitive areas of our venue? Keeping attendees out of restricted zones can be quite difficult, even if security guards are on hand to veer them away. Our RFID Access Control System is the answer to this common challenge. Our sophisticated badging system ensures that only those with the appropriate credentials are allowed access beyond certain points. Monitor the ins-and-outs of concert-goers using our software platform from a centralized location. You will always remain in control of all sensitive zones within the facility.We’d like to streamline our parking services. Can we use RFID technology to do this? Absolutely. Our RFID Parking Control System is one of the industry’s most intuitive. It is widely used in hotels, office buildings and municipal lots — with proven effectiveness in concert halls as well. Streamline your billing process by using RFID technology to track the entry and exit times of all vehicles. You can also implement a separate access gate for venue staff who can display GAO RFID Hang Tags on their rearview mirrors. And the best thing about our Parking Control System is that it can be seamlessly integrated into your building’s management framework.What is the most effective way to protect our assets? From audio-visual equipment to high-tech servers, no doubt that concert halls are filled with valuable assets. Protocols must be in place to protect these assets from theft and vandalism. GAO RFID has effectively responded to this challenge with its RFID Asset Tracking System. Here’s how it works:GAO RFID Tags are placed on all items of value
  • GAO RFID Readers are then placed at strategic access points within the concert hall
  • Tags transmit data pertaining to its whereabouts as assets get moved throughout the facility
  • If there’s concern an item is missing during or after an event, that item can be tracked remotely using our intuitive software
Implementing GAO RFID Technology Into Your Concert Hall OperationsIntegrating any of our Systems is as easy as getting in touch. Simply contact us for a personalized assessment of your business needs — and then we’ll take care of the rest. See for yourself why GAO RFID is the superior choice when it comes to the management and maintenance of your event facility. ]]>

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