Construction & Industrial Machinery Rental Industry

RFID Systems for the Construction & Industrial Machinery Rental Industry

Across Canada and the U.S., the Construction and Industrial Machinery industry comprises the rental or leasing of commercial and industrial machines and equipment without an operator.

This entails the renting or leasing of some of the following machines utilized in the following industries:

  • Heavy equipment for the forestry industry
  • Mining sector i.e. oil & gas extraction, precious metals
  • Water purification and water transportation equipment
  • Commercial truck and automobile i.e. mining trucks, excavators
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment
  • Heavy construction equipment
  • Movie studio equipment
  • Textile machinery
  • Woodworking equipment
  • Event sound and lighting
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial 3D Printers
  • Metalworking and welding equipment

How does a construction and industrial machinery company keep track of all their rentals? Surprisingly most companies don’t utilize RFID technology or rental software. The GAO RFID System can help construction and industrial machinery rental companies track data and provide the business owner with real-time information on the current status of inventory being rented out or stored in the yard. Knowing exactly the inventory you have on hand and what is rented out is crucial to the business’ bottom line. To be competitive in today’s marketplace, business owners need accurate, up-to-date information on their assets. Knowing your inventory status leads to increased profits and the ability to track the transportation and logistics of all rental units.

The GAO RFID System Solution: Construction & Industrial Machinery Rental Industry

Integrating GAO RFID’s System for your machinery rental business can pay off in a short period of time. With the power of RFID technology, you will be able to:

  1. Track and monitor every customers interaction
  2. Track asset delivery or return
  3. Monitor equipment warranties
  4. Monitor time for equipment servicing
  5. Assess what machinery rents more frequently than others?
  6. Visualize what machine generates the most revenue?
  7. See how much does it cost to operate and maintain certain machines
  8. Attain data on every piece of machinery

Inventory Control

RFID technology works in unison with inventory control by providing and storing the serial number, barcode, maintenance scheduling and the life history of construction and industrial machinery. RFID Vehicle Tags can be attached to the windshield or the interior and exterior of any piece of machinery.

Keeping maintenance costs low for rental machinery is easily accomplished using RFID tags, being in the position to service equipment before it breaks down is just another advantage of tagging.

Equipment Tracking Preventative Maintenance  

In the past carrying around a clipboard to the construction yard to check on machinery was how it was done back in the day. RFID has greatly improved the tracking of machine parts and tools. Preventing future mechanical breakdowns before they happen is where our RFID Asset Tracking System technology excels.  

  1. Inadvertently renting out malfunctioning machinery or tools that are broken to your client is a recipe for disaster. Depending on the work project costs can run from thousands of dollars per hour and up. Clients that don’t have the correct tools to finish the job end up losing money instead of making it. Incompetence ends up costing the construction rental company its reputation as well as repeat business. The GAO RFID Asset Tracking System should always be used to track service dates and lifespans of machinery and parts. If a tool or piece of machinery breaks down the rental company is immediately informed thanks to RFID technology. Real-time info means ordering new parts can be done ASAP. All tools and parts for machines should be ordered before its lifespan expires.
  2. Using RFID Tags on all construction and industrial machinery ensures all equipment will be accounted for before being rented out to a particular company. The worst possible scenario is for your customer to not have the correct equipment to start a job on the first day of work.
  3. Not knowing where the myriad of small parts and machinery in your rental warehouse or construction yard resides is a major red flag. The GAO RFID Asset Tracking System gives the rental company owner up to date real-time inventory analytics.
  4. Theft prevention is a major issue on construction sites. Incorporating software that tracks tools or machinery on premises prevents theft of inventory.
  5. RFID technology speeds up the laborious process of inventory. Instead of taking a week to count every single tool and piece of machinery, RFID Readers can read tagged inventory in minutes, providing a clear landscape of equipment utilization at any time.

    Generate more income for your Construction and Industrial Machinery Rental business by using GAO RFID Systems

    Knowing how your rental units generate income for your company based on customer interactions, asset delivery and returns is made easy utilizing GAO RFID solutions. Track and be cognizant of what units customers rent the most from your business. Maximize the ROI on your business fleet. Shouldn’t you know as a business owner where your money is going?

    Consult our team of experts on how we can increase your company’s revenue and streamline your inventory rental process.

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