100% accuracy when boarding employees on corporate busses.

What It Does

GAO Corporate Commute Bus Boarding System allows boarding of authorized company staff or contractors, and denies unauthorized persons, making use of the badge on each person and a mobile computing device such as a tablet or PDA (EDA) on the bus and with the information updated daily through wireless services from GAO’s or client’s cloud servers.


Many corporations use corporate buses to help their staff or contractors with daily commutes, shuttles between different corporate premises, or transport to special events.

Boarding needs to be verified. It is not economically viable to have a conductor, in addition to the driver. On the other hand, it is time consuming, error prone, and even unsafe for a driver to verify the boarding rights of each rider.

A boarding system is required to address such an issue.

100% Accuracy

The system verifies the employee has access to board the bus. No longer relying on the driver to verify each employee.

Unauthorized Entry

In addition to verifying if the employee can board the bus it provides the driver a photo and name for each employee.

Automated System & Cloud Updated

Our system is fully automated and can update via the cloud or your own servers and simply requires a Tablet, EDA or PDA to read the RFID tags.


A mobile computing device such as a tablet, EDA (or PDA), or a notebook computer is placed at the entry of the bus. Such a computing device has a pre-installed RFID reader, pre-installed GAO Software and information of all authorized riders, including their photos. Such information is updated wirelessly and regularly from GAO’s or the client’s cloud services.

When a passenger is boarding, the RFID reader reads an RFID tag embedded in the badge issued to him earlier.  If the passenger is not in the information database, his access is denied, otherwise his access is granted.


  • The system requires no installation by technical professionals: The tablet, EDA (or PDA), or notebook is simply placed at the bus entry.
  • It approaches almost 100% reading accuracy: if a badge is read by the RFID reader, a beep will be heard, the passenger information, including their photo, will be displayed. Upon confirmation of their identity by a quick glance by the driver, the passenger will be allowed to enter the bus. If a badge is not read properly, the passenger can adjust the distance and angle until the beep sound is heard, just like a barcode system in a retail store.
  • This system is easy to use and requires no additional skills from the bus driver.
  • The system keeps the information updated by receiving regular, daily updates from GAO’s or the client’s cloud server through a 4G/LTE or 5G cellular network.


Technical Specifications

  • Badges with RFID tags, worn by staff or contractors
  • A handheld computing device such as a tablet, EDA, or notebook, with pre-installed RFID reader and GAO software.
  • GAO software offering such functions as a control reader, displaying information and obtaining updates.
  • RFID: HF (High Frequency) with a reading distance of up to 5 centimeters, and UHF (Ultra High Frequency) with a reading distance of up to 2 meters.


This system can used in corporate commute buses, shuttle buses between different office sites, conference buses, and special events buses.

It can also be used for access control to clubs, dining, entertainment events, seminars.

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