RFID Systems for Couriers & Messengers

  • Tracking and monitoring packages
  • Managing package invoices from shipments overseas
  • Maintaining logs for packages
  • Checking packages for wear and tear
  • Organizing delivery schedules for overnight and express delivery packages

    GAO RFID System Solutions: Courier and Messenger Organizations

    RFID systems will help eliminate human error and minimize tedious human tasks. GAO RFID systems can aid in completely automating the process of mail delivery; from accepting a package to classification to dispatching the package. Automated Management of Multiple Packages The storage and organization of multiple packages can be managed using our RFID solutions to aid in optimizing your organization’s daily tasks. Passive RFID Tags can help sort through local and international packages as well as determine whether they are fragile or need to be handled with care. Inventory and Equipment Management in the Courier/Messenger Facility RFID does not only aid in the tagging and sorting process on arrival to aid in the delivery process, it can also help identify issues with equipment and inventory of tags. Courier and messenger facilities will have to keep up with the inventory of not only boxes and shipments, but when adopting RFID solutions, will also need to maintain RFID tags. This meta-automation can allow for reduced human error and efficiency improvements within your organization and maximize your potential to complete daily tasks. Tracking Fleet Vehicles  From delivery vans and trucks to bicycles, the fleet is an important asset in courier and messenger operations. To ensure the optimum use of fleet vehicles, RFID Vehicle Hang Tags can be provided to every asset. With each vehicle’s unique information embedded on the tag, the GAO RFID Asset Tracking System’s Software monitors fleet movement in real-time; ensuring your operation has 100% visibility on where vehicles are at what times, thereby improving efficiency and preventing loss.  Time Management with Automated Time Logs Within a courier or messenger organization there are a variety of simultaneous tasks that require time logs. A few of them include: sorting or packaging/repackaging time sensitive materials, delivery van arrival, loading, unloading and departure, and cleaning and maintenance staff time logs. While administrative tasks can be easily amalgamated by RFID solutions, time logs are automatically created every time an asset, inventory, or employee passes by doorways outfitted with Long Range RFID Readers. Security Systems and Access Control  While most, if not all courier and messenger organizations employ security staff, having an extra set of automated eyes in the form of tags on all shipments is a useful way to ensure that no packages are stolen or lost. In addition, giving employees RFID Personnel Tags to ensure that access is restricted to only those who are employed by the corporation can further ensure the safety and security of all employees and materials in the courier and messenger organization.

    Integrating GAO RFID Solutions with your Courier & Messenger System

    Our RFID solutions are easily integrated into all pre-existing software. At GAO RFID, we are committed to giving you all the information you need to see how GAO RFID systems can be integrated with your existing system. Please contact us for more information.  
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