RFID Systems for Credit Unions

  • Monitoring bank staff
  • Checking the ATM machines
  • Tracking and managing funds incoming and outgoing
  • Checking staff identification and connecting it to the payroll system
  • Providing access to specific areas throughout the premises.
  • Tracking missing or lost bank cards, credit cards or other equipment.
  • GAO RFID Systems for Credit UnionsOur GAO RFID Systems for Credit Union Services help to automate administrative tasks so that your employees can do what they need in a progressive and efficient banking environment. Our RFID solutions help to ensure the increased safety and security of both the persons in the bank while protecting your equipment and boosting efficiency.Controlling Access to Ensure a Secure EnvironmentYour clients, staff and management relies on your discretion and confidentiality when opting for your services. The GAO RFID Access Control System is a vital part of the Credit Union Services, which uses RFID Badge Tags and Doorway Readers to identify staff, clients and visitors in the office and grant them access to only the areas you want them to enter. Once the tag is activated, automated data is sent to the Access Control System so that you have recorded centralized data about any movement in your organization.Managing Personnel Time and PayrollThe GAO RFID Personnel Tracking System is an employee identification and tracking system that can also be integrated with popular payroll systems to provide you with an all-in-one personnel management solution. Know when employees badge in and out and record the time and area within your environment that access was granted. To improve security, especially at times of emergencies, the RFID Personnel Tracking System enables you to track and locate personnel on the premises in real-time to ensure safety.Management of ATMs As part of our RFID solution, the GAO RFID Asset Tracking System provides your Credit Union with a way to verify and track the amount of bills in ATM withdrawal machines. When ATM cassettes are filled, Passive RFID Tags are used to store the cassette information. The amount of bills incoming and outgoing are then tracked by UHF RFID readers. This ensures that your bank machines are monitored and bill inventory levels are logged into the database.Managing Equipment EfficientlyAny banking organization company has a vast array of equipment that is vital to the company’s daily function including coin sorters, bill counting as well as ATM machines. In specific, software and expensive equipment used to develop plastics if stolen or mishandled need to have a way to be tracked for efficiency and monitored to prevent loss and damage. Installing GAO RFID Tags onto each piece of equipment, including computers, monitors, bill counters, and even important documents provides a way for Credit Unions to automate the equipment tracking process and prevent unnecessary loss.

    Integrating GAO RFID Systems withi your Existing Management Software

    It is vital to the organization’s success that RFID-generated data can be viewed, analyzed, applied and be easily presented to end users. It is also necessary that competency assessment software, payroll systems, and decision support management tools are compatible with our system.GAO RFID solutions can be integrated seamlessly with your existing banking systems. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.]]>

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