Daniel Lajeunesse – CEO, DEL Telematics


Daniel Lajeunesse has been in the vehicle telematics space for over 15 years. During that time he has developed numerous new products and introduced insurance telematics, fleet telematics and government telematics in many jurisdictions and continues to do so.


During the presentation, we will discuss how to leverage telematics to properly plan fleet operations, minimize downtime, reduce overall financial risk and maximize vehicle resell value. We will review the history, deployment options, key market players, deploy-your-own options, hardware and software options and various pros-and-cons. Finally, options to leverage knowledge into a better insurance offering will be be discussed. The overall goal is leverage modern solutions to reduce costs and improve employee and customer satisfaction.


Prasenjit Bhadra – Founder & CEO, Ranial Systems Inc

Niyati Goel – Senior Manager, The Hershey Company