RFID Systems for Data Processing & Hosting Services

  • Access control to offices and security
  • Tracking and monitoring staff and maintenance personnel
  • Tracking and inventory of equipment
  • GAO RFID’s systems aid your organization in automating the managing, maintaining, tracking and access control aspects of your organization’s administrative tasks.

    GAO RFID System Solutions: Data Processing & Hosting Services

    Your priority is to your clients and our priority is to help you with your priorities better. As data processing and hosting service employers, the safety and security of your employees and the effective management and maintenance of your equipment is a critical part of the optimal functioning of your organization. GAO RFID Systems can help your organization tackle these critical processes. Equipment Management and Maintenance As a service industry heavily reliant on IT and software, computers and other valuable devices become an integral part of your organization’s daily function. In order to help protect these valuable, it is vital that this equipment is maintained and traceable. GAO RFID’s Asset Tracking System can provide your organization with cost-effective, Passive RFID Tags to track your equipment in case of theft or misplacement and to periodically remind you for equipment checks, upgrades and software updates. Therefore, any equipment, if stolen or mishandled, will have a way to be tracked for efficiency and monitored to prevent loss and damage. Controlling Access to Offices and Security Systems  Clients at your organization demand confidentiality, especially with regards to the data with which they will be trusting upon you. In order to control access to certain confidential files or equipment that contains the files, the GAO RFID Access Control System is a solution that can provide you with RFID Employee Badges. The badges include tags that can track, monitor and restrict access to certain parts of the building using employee information and access granting tags. In addition, given a security threat, your organization will be best able to locate and track the point of access and restrict the personnel from entering your property. RFID badges enable a fully automated way of granting and restricting access to specific zones on your property as well as to your equipment, making the working environment both safe and secure. Tracking Personnel Productivity and Location In addition to providing access control, the GAO RFID system can also integrate with its RFID Personnel Tracking System. This allows you to integrate RFID Employee Badges with your existing payroll system to automate punch in/out requirements and streamline the payroll process. Moreover, personnel productivity can be tracked using RFID, monitoring how long they are taking at each workstation, providing you with information to measure productivity.

    Integrating GAO RFID Solutions with your Pre-existing System

    The main challenge of RFID solutions is being able to put the radio frequency identification system to work. It is essential that your organization have to tools to present your end results to your own clients and customers. This includes the analysis of data. In addition, competency assessment software, Payroll systems, and decision support management tools are used to help make your organization more efficient. It is absolutely essential that an RFID solution is compatible with such systems. GAO AUTO-ID Engine’s hardware and system integration expertise makes it easy to adopt GAO RFID’s solutions to any pre-existing system. Using our middleware and a proper API, the data collected by our RFID systems are effectively passed on to your organization’s system of integrated applications.  We are committed to giving you all the information you need to make the process of integrating GAO RFID Systems into your existing software. Contact us for more information on how we can help!    ]]>

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