RFID Systems for Dentist Offices

Improving the aesthetic appearance of teeth: This includes oral surgery, dental implants, veneers and dentures.

  1. Restoration: Repairing damaged teeth. Treating gum tissue and periodontal disease.
  2. Correcting teeth misalignment: The application of braces to correct crooked, crowded and gap teeth.
  3. Dental appliances: The design of dentures to replace lost teeth. The fabrication of dental implants to replace a missing tooth or the upper and lower teeth in patients.
  4. Orthodontic surgery: Correcting dental and facial deformities. This could be a deformity evident at birth or an unfortunate accident.

GAO RFID solutions for dental offices can perform the following duties:

  • Sorting and tracking individual patient files
  • Individual patient ID numbers can be transmitted by an RFID device to specific computers to ensure patient identity
  • Expensive dentistry equipment can be tagged and monitored for maintenance schedules and to prevent theft

The biggest benefit of the GAO RFID solution for Dentist Offices is the ability to automate a patient’s dental imagery by streamlining the process. Dental office software can be integrated with RFID hardware to only accept images from a corresponding ID number to an individual computer. Individual images can be stored on the internal intranet of a dental office’s network for easy access when needed.

GAO RFID System Solutions: Dentist Offices

Dental records encompass a patient’s history of present illnesses, diagnosis, clinical examinations, recommended treatments and the prognosis. It is essential that practicing dentists keep accurate dental records. Record keeping goes beyond forensic applications, there are legal implications that include insurance and consumerism issues. A successful dental practice realizes the importance of maintaining accurate dental records. From a legalistic point of view detailed records are critical in the event of a malpractice suit. Document Management Dentists that employ RFID technology can capture a patient’s imagery and transmit that image to a specific computer on their dental network. Essentially, RFID technology helps dentists track patient files. By putting an RFID Tag on an item and when that item moves past an RFID Reader, a message can be sent to the software which is monitoring and managing your sets of Tags and Readers. Dental staff can input the ID number for a specific imaging device that transmits images wirelessly via a Wi-Fi connection. Document Management works the same way; a person who has cabinets of files they want to track can put an RFID Tag on the documents (or the box which holds that document) and track it automatically, being able to identify patient records in seconds. Asset Tracking A dentist without any special training or assistance from a laboratory technician can easily incorporate an RFID Tag in a denture and track it using the GAO RFID  Asset Tracking System, making the procedure extremely cost effective. RFID technology offers many benefits when it comes to dental prosthetic labeling, allowing not only the storage of a patient’s medical records on a searchable database, but also information on the materials used in a dental prosthetic. Ultimately the chip could play an invaluable forensic role in assisting with human identification. Tracking inventory can simply be performed by implanting RFID Tags in new dentures by surrounding the internal signalling component with a resin. To locate missing or lost dentures, all that would be required is an RFID Reader that responds to an electromagnetic field within a specified area. Record Management Accurate records are a means of communication between the treating dentist and another doctor who cares for the same patient. Complete records provide relevant information from one physician to another whom may have to perform surgery. Charts and image documentation provides the information that allows another dental professional with no prior knowledge of the patient to be treated.

Integrating our RFID Solution with your Healthcare System

The function of an RFID is to collect in real time the identification of objects and all associated data. Dental office imaging software includes graphics for the teeth and gums and the added ability to import and organize X-rays. Our team of professionals will use our hardware and software system integration expertise to integrate the GAO RFID Solution with your dental clinics EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and EDR (Electronic Dental Records) software. The result is an RFID solution that is seamlessly integrated into the framework of your dental clinic. Contact us for more information on how our RFID Dental Offices System can be configured for your healthcare organization.      ]]>

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