Features and Benefits: GAO Railway Management Software

GAO Railway Management Software Features The GAO Railway Management Software comes with industry-leading features including:


Real-time Activity Monitoring (Assets/Equipment, Rail Cars, Transportation Activity)

24-Hour Unmanned Operation

Multiple-Site Monitoring

Alerts and Email

Customizable and Ad-hoc Reports

User Group Management

Microsoft© Excel Data Import/Export


How the features benefit you

  • Real-time Activity Monitoring. Know where rail assets and trains are, as they are moving in real-time to ensure operations efficiency and safety.
  • 24-Hour Unmanned Operation. Set it and forget it. Once the software is configured, virtually no additional user input is required. All activity is automatically monitored, logged, and recorded in the asset tracking database.
  • Multiple-Site Monitoring. Enjoy one point of administration and monitor multiple sites using one single interface.
  • Alerts and Email. Setup alert conditions and notify users via email when key activity occurs.
  • Customizable and Ad-hoc Reports. Data-rich information is at your fingertips when you access GAO Railway Management Reports.
  • User Group Management. Only allow the users you trust to access sensitive data. Assign different privilege levels to different users to ensure effective and secure operations.
  • Microsoft© Excel Data Import/Export. Easily export all data into Excel for further analysis of your data.

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