GAO RFID Antique Store Asset Management Solution

Super Accurate & Efficient

Imagine if asset management of your antique store could be done simply and efficiently without having to scan every single item. The GAO RFID Antique Store Asset Management System offers the ability to dramatically improve speed, accuracy and efficiency, over conventional methods. The system is as simple and fast as an employee holding a handheld computer or tablet and walking through the store.  It reads each asset automatically as the employee walks through the store. No individual item scanning or searching for barcodes is required.

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What It Can Track

Whether you run a small or large antique store or even an antique mall, our RFID asset management system can be scaled to fit your needs. All your store assets can be tracked easily and efficiently, ensuring all your assets are tracked and accounted for with minimal employee labor costs.

Our system can track all antique store assets including:

  • Shopping carts and baskets
  • Mannequins
  • Stands & display cases
  • Tables
  • Trolleys, trays and utility carts
  • Advertisement displays
  • Cash registers and POS machines
  • Desks and chairs
  • Printers, copiers and fax machines
  • Computers and tablets
  • Cranes and pullies
  • Forklifts and dollies
  • All other assets your antique store may utilize

Many items may be moved daily and used in various parts of the store or can be easily misplaced or even stolen, making tracking their location and inventory all the more important. The items that move around the store are also more susceptible to barcodes being damaged, so conventional tracking can be compromised or require more time spent manually tracking an item.

Manually Tracking Antique Inventory
Don’t Track Your Store’s Assets Manually Anymore! Save Time & Improve Efficiency!

The Solution

GAO has developed the GAO RFID Antique Store Asset Management System based on the latest UHF Gen 2 RFID technology. The system consists of handheld PCs such as PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), tablets, pistol grip handheld computers or EDAs (Enterprise Digital Assistant). These PCs are equipped with GAO RFID Software and an RFID reader, which then reads the RFID tags applied to each asset.  Because tags are not required to be individually scanned, they can be placed anywhere on an asset where it is less likely to be damaged. These tags come in an assortment of types that can adhere to different surfaces.