GAO RFID Dental Office Asset Management Solution

Accurate Dental Office Asset Tracking Solution

Save Time & Accurately Track All Your Assets

With this RFID solution, the asset management of your dental office can be done simply by having an employee walk through the office while holding a handheld computer with an RFID reader, which tracks the tagged assets, i.e. the equipment and/or materials.

What This Asset Management System Tracks

Our RFID system can track all dental office assets including:

  • Documents and records
  • X-ray imaging systems
  • Digital photos and X-ray films of patients’ teeth, as well as dental records
  • Office supplies, such as printers, copiers, fax machines, computers and more
  • Dental instruments and tools, such as mouth mirrors, syringes, molds, suction devices, scalers, polishers and plaque scrapers
  • Sterilization equipment
  • Microscopes
  • Disposable gloves and masks for dentists, as well as coats
  • Chairs, recliner seats and tables
  • Cabinets
  • Rinsing stations
  • Operatory lights

An RFID tag needs to be attached to each asset, which will then be read by a RFID reader held by an employee within range of the tag.


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The Dental Industry

A dentist is a specialist in oral care who diagnoses, treats and prevents oral health problems. Becoming a dentist requires, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree in Dentistry, as well as further pre-requisite courses. Students then perform both parts one and two of the National Board Dental Examination in order to become a fully qualified dentist.

Dentists specialise in orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics and oral and maxillofacial. A regular visit to the dentist can prevent cosmetically unattractive smiles and diseases that may cause irritation in the mouth as well as bad breath. Regular visits to the dentist – generally within six-monthly spans – are highly recommended, since strong teeth promote confidence and help prevent tooth decay and cavities.

For professional dentists, keeping up with asset tracking along with all their other tasks, including attending to a patient who is visiting for a regular dental visit, check-up or examination and cleaning, is difficult to keep up with.  For this reason, we have developed an RFID tag system to help with keeping track of materials and equipment within a dentist’s office.

Oral health is essential to quality of life and Canada is leading when it comes to oral health. Canadians have access to the best oral healthcare in the world and 84% of Canadians report excellent oral health. The World Health Organisation has identified some key initiation programs for strengthening oral health: effective use of fluorides; prevention of oral disease; oral health improvement in the elderly through promotion of health programs and development of oral health systems and orientation of services towards prevention. Although Canada fares well compared to the rest of the globe when it comes to oral hygiene, vulnerable people in the country still struggle to access appropriate and timely oral health services.

Conversely, the dentist industry in the U.S is amid a crisis since the cost of education is rising, which increases debt for dental graduates who are then reluctant to establish their own practices. Rapid technological advancements create more hurdles that deter new dentists to start their own practices and economic pressures continue to stop patients from accessing cosmetic procedures. While the RFID system may not solve all of these problems, it can definitely reduce the stress that dentists may feel amid an economic downturn by making the office environment a smooth-sailing and efficient one.

The dental office usually has a dental hygienist, an assistant and a receptionist – meaning that employee wages make the bigger expenses. A typical dental clinic performs patient exams, x-rays, veneers, crowns, root canal treatment, dental fissure sealants, as well as scaling and cleaning of soft plaque and tartar to prevent gum disease. Dental office equipment includes laser drills, dental drills, computers, laser scanners and more. It is important, then, to ensure that all this equipment is tallied into a RFID system to make it easier to access, instead of manually tracking items, which helps reduce manual labour by keeping the cost of wages lower.

The healthcare profession is a highly respected sector of the community that requires adequate asset management devices to ensure that professionals do not take on unnecessary stress that may make them susceptible to errors. This can heavily impact the industry and increase distrust in the community. To avoid making errors which may compromise the profession, it is important to keep inventory and ensure results are quick and easy so that patients are satisfied and receive prompt treatment. Our RFID system promotes efficient asset and inventory control to maximise patient satisfaction and work efficiency.