GAO RFID Garden & Nursery Inventory Management Solution

Garden and Nursery Store Inventory

Convenient, Accurate & Efficient

With the thousands of items in a garden & nurseries store’s inventory, wouldn’t you like a simple and easy way in which to track your inventory? GAO RFID Garden & Nursery Inventory Management System is the answer. It performs inventory management by having an employee holding a handheld device and walking through the store, everything is accounted for automatically without scanning individual items.

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What It Can Track

The GAO RFID Garden & Nursery Inventory Management System can be effectively used to manage inventories of all kinds such as:

  • Planting: seeds, sprouts, planters
  • Plants: flowers, succulents, trees, saplings, bushes
  • Maintenance/growing materials: sod, pesticides, fertilizer, soil
  • Gardening, lawn supplies and tools: gloves, pruning shears, hand trowel, loppers
  • Products: Planting pots, garden furniture, home decor, backyard decor
  • All other products your garden/nurseries store may carry

Having a diverse collection of products means a large variety of surfaces and sizes in which a tracking tag must be placed. At GAO RFID there are hundreds of tags to choose from, you can easily find a tag to accommodate any product materials and shapes. There are also tags specifically made to work in special environments.

The system can track not only an item’s ID but also its location.  With the help of object tags, location tags, and a database, the system tracks all inventories as well as their locations. When an order is placed, you can easily locate an item to be packaged and shipped out. This is especially helpful in saving time if your warehouse is large.

The GAO RFID Garden & Nursery Inventory Management Systemcan track inventory with a simple walk through of the store or warehouse, substantially reducing operational costs, decreasing the chance of breaking or damaging the inventory by handling and improving the ability to locate items. This inventory management system will pay for itself over a short period.

The Solution

GAO has developed the GAO RFID Garden & Nursery Inventory Management System based on the latest UHF Gen 2 RFID technology. The system consists of handheld PCs such as PDAs (personal digital assistants), tablets, pistol grip handheld computers or EDAs (enterprise digital assistant). These handheld computers are loaded with GAO RFID Software and equipped with an RFID reader, which then reads the RFID tag attached to each product.

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