GAO RFID Hobby, Toy, and Game Store Inventory RFID Solutions

Accurate & Efficient Asset Management

In a hobby, toy, and game store, there are a multitude of items that can be challenging to manage manually. So, to simplify this process of tracking, we offer an easier method of asset tracking. Manual tracking and conventional barcode methods can lead to more disadvantages than advantages, especially when compared to the GAO RFID Hobby, Toy, and Game Store Inventory Management System. Using this system, you save time and money.

By simply holding a handheld PC RFID reader with our inventory management solution, an employee can automatically track all the store’s assets by walking down each aisle. Removing the need for manual contact with each asset decreasing any chance of breakage from having to handle your antique items when they are being scanned or tracked.

What It Can Track and How It Can Help


The Hobby, Toy, and Game Industry specializes in selling manufactured goods like toys, board games, craft kits, and other kinds of hobby items. Recently, there an increase in demand for such products both in the USA and Canada. The increase may be caused by a more widespread understanding of the benefits that such products contribute to the development of some parts of the brain, especially in children. They may also serve as a source of inspiration and can provide an exciting leisure activity for the whole family. Toys, games, and hobby items sales often spike right before, or during major catastrophic events. Many people buy these kinds of leisure products when expecting to be confined to their houses for an extended period.

The market is rather diversified in both the USA and Canada, there are not only giant companies that provide the majority of products, but also there is a wide range of minor companies and retailers and have a reputation of remaining rather competitive. The industry has several advantages when it comes to sales. Toys or games are not only high demand around Black Friday and Christmas, but also during the entire year as people buy toys as presents for birthdays or even spontaneously.

As time goes on and we develop new technology and tastes, we begin to crave more complex and diverse products, and the market follows. The market for toys, games, and hobby items has shifted towards demanding more sophisticated products and leisure activities, which has lead to a request for multifunctional, detailed, and more exciting toys and games.

Keep in mind that hobby, toy, and game stores have a myriad of assets, and it is vital to provide a trustworthy tracking system. The GAO RFID Hobby, Toy, and Game Store Inventory Management System can be effectively used to manage inventories of all kinds of games and toys such as:

  • Games & Game Supplies
  • Doll Clothing & Accessories
  • Miniature Items For Collectors
  • Electric Trains-Toy
  • Chess Equipment & Supplies
  • Board Games
  • Playhouses Suppliers
  • Video Games & Equipment

The wider the variety of goods, the better the tracking system must be organized. Organized and manageable information of physical assets is vital, especially during peak shopping hours. That is why we want to highlight the benefits of our system. The GAO RFID Hobby, Toy, and Game Inventory Management System can track inventory with a simple walkthrough of the store or warehouse, decreasing costs, providing safety and security of all goods kept in a store.

With RFID, there are many versions of tags that you can apply to the products. Our tags can accommodate any toy or a game, regardless of the material.  This system is far more versatile than barcode stickers that must adhere to your items. Furthermore, the system of assets´ management can track not only items themselves but also keep tracking of their location as well. Whether in storage in the back of your store or a large warehouse, a database tracks their location, and when an order is placed, you can easily locate an item to be packaged and shipped out. This advantage is especially useful and helpful in saving time if your items are sold online and warehoused at your location.



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