GAO RFID Serves Sacramento, California

From our offices in Toronto, GAO RFID has been successfully deploying RFID solutions to customers in the Sacramento, California area. Sacramento’s popular motto proudly states that “California begins here”.  Located along the northern portion of the Central Valley, the Greater Sacramento Area encompasses the surrounding cities of Arden, Arcade and Yuba City.  Known as one of America’s most diverse regions, TIME magazine put it best when it stated, “In Sacramento, everyone’s a minority — including whites”.  In recent years, critics have praised the city for its progressive values and harmonious relationships, which have lead to a stable economy and greater quality of life. GAO RFID Inc. is proud to serve a world-class city such as Sacramento.  Our powerful technologies are an asset to many of the industries rooted here.  Among the region’s largest employers are California University – Sacramento and the UC Davis Medical Center.  This section of California prides itself on its innovation, especially when it comes to education and health care.  One of our most popular solutions is GAO’s Personnel Locating RFID System.  Whether its used in a hospital, school or manufacturing warehouse, this system allows you to know where your workers are at all times.  Using our unobtrusive Tags and Readers, this system will do the following:

  • Increase workplace safety by monitoring the whereabouts of employees
  • Increase security by restricting access to sensitive areas
  • Improve personnel visibility in remote areas of the facility
  • Optimize operational efficiency by analyzing workflow and pinpointing areas of waste
Apart from its sprawling campuses and hospitals, Sacramento is also known for its recreational and cultural venues.  The Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Convention Center and the Wells Fargo Pavilion are among the most popular.  With tens of thousands of people descending on Sacramento each day for work and play, parking can certainly be an issue.  That’s why we’ve introduced GAO’s Parking Control RFID System.  Use our leading-edge software to monitor all cars on premises and integrate lot protocols with the rest of the infrastructure.  This can be used in conjunction with our Access Control RFID System for added security measures. GAO RFID has been serving North American businesses for nearly 10 years.  Our team of certified professionals knows how to solve problems and optimize logistical operations.  So contact us for a personalized assessment of your business’ needs.  And see why GAO technologies are the trusted source when it comes to RFID solutions.]]>

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