RFID Systems for Indoor/Outdoor Venue Rentals

Using GAO RFID Technology in the Venue Rental Industry RFID technology is well-suited for a variety of areas, but our team has perfected this technology so it can be easily applied to the indoor/outdoor venue industry’s needs. GAO RFID makes it easy for venue operators to rent out their facilities in a safe and secure manner. Read on to see how our company handles some of the biggest challenges the venue rental industry faces today. My operation is run by many employees. How can I keep track of them, without compromising on their productivity and freedom? GAO RFID takes pride in its RFID Personnel Locating System for the Venue Rental industry. From security guards to kitchen staff, we know the amount of people it takes to run an event facility. Our sophisticated Tags and Readers are applied to all employees — allowing you to unobtrusively track their whereabouts. You can restrict access to sensitive zones with our intuitive badging system, and Managers can track employee productivity by monitoring how long each worker spends at various work stations. By knowing where your workers are at all times, you can: Increase overall workplace safety

  • Actively control who enters the premises
  • Improve employee visibility in remote areas that are otherwise obscure and difficult to monitor
We often host large concerts and picnics at our outdoor facility. What’s the best way to track attendee registration? When it comes to managing events of this size, GAO RFID knows the amount of planning involved before and during the event. That’s why our RFID Event Management System is the preferred choice for organizers across North America. Know your audience beforehand by using our RFID technology to log demographic info. This data can then be used for marketing initiatives leading up to the event. Once the event is underway, our Tags and Readers can be used to track participants and monitor their whereabouts within the facility. There have been instances where our equipment goes missing by the end of the night. Can we use RFID technology to avoid this? Yes. One of the best ways to protect your assets is using GAO RFID’s Asset Tracking System. Security is one of our company’s top priorities, and we’ve become experts at eliminating theft and vandalism. Our Asset Tracking System uses a simple approach that puts you in full control: Place RFID Tags on all your valuables, including AV equipment, computer servers and concession stands
  1. RFID Readers are then placed at strategic access points within your indoor or outdoor venue
  2. Tags transmit data pertaining to its whereabouts as your valuables get moved throughout the event
  3. That item can now be tracked in real-time using our intuitive software from a remote location
Our convention centre is housed within a larger building. Can your security solutions work seamlessly with the building’s existing framework? Yes, GAO RFID solutions for Indoor/Outdoor Venues can be easily integrated into a facility’s existing framework. If your operation is under a larger logistical initiative, simply let us know and we’ll customize your user experience. The good thing about our RFID technology is that it can work alongside your existing protocols. For example, when it comes to monitoring the ins-and-outs of your facility, you can take aspects of our RFID Access Control System and merge them with the badging system you may already have. Our company is a global provider of RFID technology, so you never have to worry our products will interfere with the systems you’re already used to. Implementing GAO RFID Technology into Your Venue Rental Operations GAO RFID has extensive experience in event management. Over the years, our solutions have been perfected to keep up with the demands of this dynamic industry. Contact us and our team of certified professionals and see why GAO RFID is the superior choice when it comes managing and automating processes at your outdoor/indoor venue.]]>

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