RFID Systems for Kindergarten to Grade 8

  • Monitoring classroom and washroom maintenance schedules
  • Managing school bus schedules and boundaries
  • Checking the inventory of classroom supplies
  • Tracking and managing student report cards and documentation
  • Managing supply teaching schedules and on-call staff
  • Checking staff and student identification when necessary
  • Tracking missing or lost electronic equipment
  • Our RFID solutions help to automate these administrative tasks so as to ensure the efficient operation of each elementary school. GAO RFID solutions help ensure the increased safety and security of both the persons in the school as well as the equipment.

    GAO RFID Solutions for Elementary Schools (K-8)

    We believe that each and every elementary school is working hard to provide the best possible education for the students and the best possible working environment for its staff. From the moment a child sets foot on school property to the time that your last employee leaves, there are a variety of challenges that your organization faces on a daily basis. The GAO RFID System for Education Services ensures that a wide range of challenges unique to elementary schools is managed effectively for optimal results. Equipment and Inventory Management Elementary schools will own a variety of equipment ranging from gym equipment to the equipment in the computer lab. With the introduction of technological devices iPads, iMacs and laptops as an integral part of the student’s learning, these assets need to be tracked. In addition, every classroom will have its own unique equipment such as gym equipment (tennis balls, basket balls and nets, etc.) and laboratory equipment (microscopes, slides, etc.) that will need to be maintained on a regular basis. Our RFID Asset Tracking System allows you to quickly see item locations, track them if they are lost, and protect your equipment from future theft. With RFID, the tracking and maintenance monitoring of devices and equipment can be automated and conducted with the efficiency and ease that your organization needs. Time Management To allow for the best possible learning environment, teachers and staff have to optimize the time they spend in the organization. In order to do that, data management as well as monitoring staff work flow is an integral part of the daily activities for administrative staff. Whether it is scheduling an on-call substitute teacher or automating attendance counts, our RFID solutions can help automate these processes giving the teachers and staff more time to do what they do best: providing the best learning experience for their students. In addition, RFID badges can be assigned to teachers and administrative staff, enabling the movement of students and the efficiency of staff to be monitored as they go through their day at the school. These badges can even be embedded with employee information so that time and attendance is automatically logged and integrated with an existing payroll system. Access Control In any educational setting, not only is the safety and security of the students a top priority, especially at the elementary school age. With multiple classrooms, gyms, parking areas and doors the management of employees, students, and visitors to these areas are required to reduce risk and keep everyone safe. Using our RFID Access Control System, RFID Badges enable a fully automated way of granting and restricting access to zones to only authorized personnel such as teachers and custodians, as well as granting access to specialized equipment, making the entire school environment safe and secure for students. Tracking Students, Teachers and Visitors Identifying and locating both students and staff in an education environment is not only necessary, but vital to maintaining the safety and security of the organization. Lock-down procedures are easily conducted with our RFID Personnel Tracking System whereby teachers, students and visitors can be monitored no matter where they are on premises. Using RFID, specialized tags with integrated alarms can secure the safety of teachers, staff and students in the event of danger. Once activated, the tag will message the monitoring system with the employee or student’s identity and location.

    Integrating GAO RFID Solutions with your Education System

    The function of a radio frequency identification system is to collect in real time the identification of objects and all associated data. The challenge arises when it’s time to put that collected information to work: integrating RFID-generated data into education applications so that essential information can be viewed, analyzed, applied and presented to end users. Competency assessment software, Payroll systems, revenue cycle management programs, and decision support management tools are used to help make other educational processes more efficient. It is essential that an RFID solution is compatible with such systems. GAO’s AUTO-ID Engine, incorporating middleware and essential RFID functions, plus GAO’s RFID hardware and system integration expertise make it easy to integrate with all educational systems that are currently used. Through our middleware and a proper API, the data collected by our RFID systems are seamlessly passed on to your organization’s system of integrated applications. The end results are presented in a way that you feel will make the elementary school better, empowering you to make critical, time-sensitive decisions with RFID solutions ready to aid you in any way you need. Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how GAO RFID solutions can be integrated with your existing system.    ]]>

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